TSM Episode 325: A Readership of None

With no reader interest remaining in the site or its content, Lusipurr had no reason to do anything except watch the Cricket. He left the office and never returned, leaving video game journalism poorer, but the England and Wales Cricket Board much richer.
The Lusipurr.com Offices

Download: Produced 2015.05.24

As the last Lusipurr.com readers leave the site and the lights finally go dark at the formerly impressive Tower of Lusipurr, the panelists consider whether to cease production of site content and focus instead upon watching the Cricket and reading poetry.


  1. I left all my heartfelt comments about my enjoyment of the site in the previous podcast’s thread, so I’ll just throw down some random thoughts here.

    I would’ve liked to hear about Arkham. As a longtime Batman fan, I’ve always been curious about those games, and Knight interests me.

    Atelier is not a bad or overly fanservicey series. It works within it’s budget and is well written, and charming, if a bit cliche. I’ve always enjoyed them.

    The revelation about the development of Sonic Boom makes me a lot more sympathetic to them. Probably hurts their cred as developers, and not even of their own making. Gaming is rapdily becoming as crooked as Hollywood.

    Like Julian, I really want to like Ni no Kuni. I spent years lusting after it and when it arrived I was just bummed by how average it was. It was, at least beautiful. But it wasn’t the Dragon Quest VIII successor I was hoping for. (And on that note, where the hell is Dragon Quest, I miss that series).

    So I hear the show is coming in a new format? Are we going vinyl or are we taking this in a more oral tradition, like say, mariachi band?

  2. @Wolfe:
    “Atelier is not a bad or overly fanservicey series. It works within it’s budget and is well written, and charming, if a bit cliche. I’ve always enjoyed them.”
    I have not yet played them, but they look very nice. My concern about the series is not whether it is fanservicey, but the speed and volume in which they are released. I worry about the quality.

    “(And on that note, where the hell is Dragon Quest, I miss that series).”
    More mobile and online multiplayer titles in development, I’m afraid. The monetising dagger is firmly wedged in its vitals.

  3. @Julian: Doesn’t mean the core game will be bad. There’s a reason everyone apes the Arkham combat.

    @Lusi: The games are fine. Each one improve incrementally on the one before it. They’re not grade A games, but they’re tastefully pleasant experiences and fun to play. I especially like that they removed the time management from Shallie.

    I will forever hate Square for not bringing DQVII to the 3DS.

  4. @Wolfe: I’ll have to give the newest Atelier game a try. The combat system will be the make or break thing for me. A lot of JRPG systems now fall into one of two pitfalls: complex but ultimately unfulfilling, or simplistic and unfulfilling. The trick is to make the complexity meaningful but not overwhelming.

    The reality is that I’ll probably end up playing more Disgaea or Ogre Tactics instead, but I will *try* and remember to try out Atelier!

  5. I doubt you’ll be enthralled by the combat. Atelier is build around the crafting system. The field areas exist specifically to gather those ingredients, and combat is what I’d consider routine JRPG combat.

    If you haven’t already given it a whirl, I would recommend Trails in the Sky. I think it meets the criteria for your personal tastes (given what I know of your tastes solely from listening to the show).

  6. Alas, crafting mechanics are of very little interest to me. I have heard of Trails in the Sky, but have not really paid much attention to it since release. I will look into it available and and report back in a week or two. Stay tuned!

  7. “Years later, Lusipurr returned to the ruins of the once glorious Tower to find Java shifting about in the blight, having subsisted on rations of PayDay bars and questionably obtained ground water. Not recognizing his old mentor at first, he attempted to hire Lusipurr through a series of clicks and glottal stops, a language he had developed to communicate with the Giant South Pacific Centipede, the latest addition to the staff and Java’s apparent mount befriended through insanity. Java appeared to have more or less normal cognitive functions otherwise, but refused to leave the site when Lusipurr attempted to lure him away with promises of hot tea and a slightly less hot shower and shave.”

  8. @Java: It’s not a hosepipe, it’s a portable extendable shower dispenser!

  9. HOW?! How on earth did NZ manage to lose from their commanding position on the third day?!!

    Oh well, best England spend all their luck before the Ashes get underway! ;)

  10. @SN: You might think after reducing England to 30-4 on the first day, and then scoring 500+ in their first innings to give them a large lead that NZ would have trounced England, or that they would have to collapse to lose. But neither was the case.

    Instead, it was just two very positive games of Cricket and, in the end, England won through the might of the man I’ve been saying for months has that Flintoff-factor, Ben Stokes. He saved England with a 92 when they were 30-4 in the first innings, and when they were inching along in the second, he came in and hit the fastest-ever test century at Lord’s, giving England enough time to get a lead and then bowl NZ out with just a handful of overs remaining. It helped that he broke key partnerships and took two in two, culminating Brandon McCullum bowled first ball to the ecstatic roar of the Lord’s crowd.

    Genuinely one of the best games of sport–any sport–that I’ve ever seen. Brilliant, back and forth, up for it to the very end.

  11. Oh, I wish I was on this episode so I could have set Lusi right on a couple of points.

    Hyperdimension Neptunia is an NISA title, not Tecmo Koei who are responsible for Dynasty/Samurai Warriors.

    Agarest is not like La Pucelle: Tactics. La Pucelle is exactly like Disgaea, only the results of a fight were shown on a separate screen rather than on the field. A better comparison would be to say that Agarest was like Rainbow Moon, a horrible, horrible game that used SRPG fights for random battles.

    In a choice between Agarest and Conception II, I’d go for Conception II. It has the fan service and it’s a pretty decent dungeon crawler, whereas Agarest felt a little cheap to me.

  12. How about Shadow of the Colossus as a play through? That’d be cool, and worth some discussion. Like how the controls are so awful, but the game is kinda good none the less.

  13. @Imitanis: Some corrections to your corrections:

    1. Hyperdimension Neptunia is not an NIS title (I’ve told you this on the podcast before!). It was published in the US by NISA and in the EU by Tecmo Koei, but it was developed by Idea Factory and Compile Heart (Felistella handled the PSVita port).

    2. My point about La Pucelle is that ‘action’ screen where the combat actually happens is where all combat takes place in Agarest, which was the game I was trying to describe. The difference is that the action choices in LPT are made on the ‘battle map’, but in Agarest they are made in the combat screen proper. I have never played Rainbow Moon, so I cannot comment on that.

    I don’t know that I want to play a dungeon crawler at all! I’d like to see more JRPGs full stop, but Dungeon Crawlers bore me very quickly.

  14. @Bup: I’m in if you loan me Bloodborne only because I should probably cite a different game that takes up all of my limited free time when I don’t complete FFV again.

  15. @Lusipurr: I understand you point about HN, but you included it in a list of Koei games when you live in a region where they did not publish it.

  16. I think I will just play FFV during our next play through. No matter what game is chosen.

  17. @Imitanis: I was listing games not just by Tecmo but also by Idea Factory and Compile Heart as I said at the time. :p

    @Bup: No. No you will not.

  18. This podcast possessed the appropriate (and required) amount of Bup!
    An enjoyable listen, as always.

    By the way, how about Valkyrie Profile as the next playthrough?
    If memory serves, playtime in that game can be made longer or shorter depending on how you play.
    Might be easier to stomach for those of us who tend to lose interest mid-playthrough.

  19. What about Paper Mario? I know it’s available on both the Wii and the WiiU Virtual Console, and it’s a fairly decent RPG that isn’t too long.

  20. How about playing Final Fantasy 7 with the new retranslation? It would be interesting to see how everyone reacts to the changes made based on the japanese version (that seems to be more accurate and some names have been changed).

    In another unrelated note, in the last ashes England was Australia’s beach…. can’t wait for the ashes to begin again.

  21. Stop derailing the innings.

    Our next playthough will be Castlevania: Symphony of the Night! (It’ll be a 1-2 week playthrough).

    Our next RPG playthrough will be this:

  22. Yay! I own C:SotN, I’m looking forward to ACTUALLY finishing a playthrough. That image though, is that a piece of box art?

  23. I was on vacation so I’m catching up on the show and site. A week+ without the internet was nice. I did go outside.

  24. INFO pop
    I’ve scaled back what I’m contributing to these in order to continue to be able to do so with my current schedule. Sorry for the stripped down posting, but it’s what I can do.

    5 people could be a Brass Quintet!

    Great cast this week! I really enjoyed the tangent into urban dictionary.

    I’m glad to hear the concern for my well being. I am just tremendously busy with work and family. I hope to return to a full power Info Blast once things settle down a bit, but I have no idea when that might be.

    I’d love to see the site continuing but I can totally understand if you have to close it do to lack of readership.

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