TSM Episode 326: Victim-Blaming

Wot ye well how 'twas received!
A kingly gift!

Download: Produced 2015.05.31

Christopher ‘Chris’ Privitere arrives to end The Zestria War by formally apologising for his churlish and ungrateful conduct, but the panelists are unprepared for his verbal onslaught, culminating in an aggressively victim-blaming, anti-Zestria narrative.


  1. Chorno Cross. Good choice.

    Re: Dyack: I’m inclined to agree with Lusi.

    Looking forward to the new format. Opening with a poem is a nice touch!

    Also, I’m glad the Zestria conflict has been resolved with an overdue apology. I do seriously hope that it hasn’t damaged any real life friendships.

  2. In all fairness, Chris does have pets and a giant Zestria lick is actually a potentially lethal health hazard for cats.

    The poem was indeed nice.

  3. @RabidKitten A fair point. But I don’t seriously mean Chris owed anyone an apology. The whole thing seemed to be a potentially great joke that just didn’t go down well.

  4. Everyone should read everything by Hart Crane.

    And then, again. And again. And again.

  5. Also, well-played Wolfe. I’m properly impressed that you figured that out.

  6. Welp… I guess we had to get to it eventually.

    I’m surprised you were able to blow up the resolution on Harle’s eye to that size without having it become a distorted mess.

  7. @SN: It’s actually a still from the FMVs, so it is much larger than the in-game pixel images.

  8. I should also like to note for the record that for someone who is so averse to Zestria, Christoph’s apology was certainly full of the stuff!

  9. I can’t wait to troll you with how much more I like Chrono Cross than Chrono Trigger because I am a philistine.

    Also wow Chris’s apology was unexpected. I kinda want the opening music to just be “It’s Sean’s fault” on loop.

  10. Sorry for the double post. I’m gonna take SiliconN00B side on the the Dennis Dyack interview. If you’ve ever listened to old 1UP yours podcasts with Dyack v Mark McDonald you can see Dyack’s beef with journalism comes from his totally inability to accept any kind of criticism of his games.

  11. INFO POP

    Good on you Chris P.! I accept your apology.

    From the Makers of Zestria and Flexivim!
    Another fantastic product from Lusipurr.com (An InfoNewNow* company)

    Regarding the Dyack interview:
    I loved hearing the disagreement between Lusi and Silicon Noob on this. The podcast can be a bit of an echo chamber sometimes, so it’s nice to hear some disagreement. I suspect that the truth lies somewhere between.

    Great Bup Talk this week! Totally unexpected, even if Silent Hills wouldn’t have been available this summer.

    *Info News Now is a fully Owned subsidiary of Info Blast inc

  12. @KisakiProject – That’s also why he got banned from NeoFag. They didn’t like Too Human, which caused him to go Kamikaze.

  13. YAY , Lady Gaga news in the comment’s section again, just like god intended :D .

    Will try to listen to the podcast when I get home, it seems to be a great one again .


    2001 – played Chronno Cross ( loved it!)

    2014 – completed Chronno Trigger ( Really good)

  14. VitaSoil… in your garden! Boom!
    VitaSoil… on your lawn! Boom!
    VitaSoil… for your plants! Boom!
    VitaSoil… with your wife! Boom!
    VitaSoil… to the Bahamas! Boom!
    VitaSoil… at the divorce court! Boom!
    VitaSoil… covering the graves! Boom!
    VitaSoil… Boom!

  15. Boom is Zestria’s schtick. The marketing buzzword for VitaSoil should be ZAP! That way it sounds powerful.

    VitaSoil in your wife – ZAP!

  16. I’m pretty certain that we are contractually obliged to use BOOM! for all Lusipurr.com products, including Zestria, Flexivim, and VitasSoil.

    I’ll talk to the boys in marketting about it.

  17. Obviously yes, it matters. A word is not the same word when you rearrange its letters.

  18. Lusi, will you be keeping that “new” intro music! Maybe only put it on when Chris is on. It can be the indicator to long-listening fans.

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