Editorial: Greenlight Round-Up, Vol. 29

Who is ready for some Steam Greenlight games?! Nobody? Well, TOO BAD! DEAL WITH IT! As always these “reviews” are written with 100% bias and without actually playing the games in question.

Hmm, a busty anime girl saying she will do anything. I wonder what will happen next...
Anything? Like deleting this crappy game off the internet?

Rabbit syndrome, the visual novel/ dating sim

Veteran readers of this series know that I absolutely hate anime games. Especially anime dating sims. The only thing that would make me hate this game more is if it had been made using RPG Maker. One of my favorite parts of this game is its story. The player is a shut in who must now make as many friends as possible or he will die, because apparently there is a disease that will cause this. In what world that would make sense, I have no clue. Maybe the developer should leave his mom’s basement and see what the real world is actually like. Oh, and like most crappy game developers, the game has a Kickstarter. As if someone would waste their money on this pathetic excuse for a game.

Best Comment: Jeebus | водка: “Oh no…. weeaboos…”

Seriously. Where is the player character? What are those things on the ground? Why does this game exist?
What are we supposed to be looking at here?

Red Tie Runner

Wow. Steam Greenlight out craps itself once again! Ever want a crappy version of those Runner games? No? Well, like I said before: TOO BAD! Deal with it! Seriously, what is supposed to be happening in this game? Does the developer think his generic stick figure character is “cool” because he wears a suit and a red tie? Know who else wears a red tie and still is not cool? That dude from the Hitman games. He is a huge dork! Unless this game is a preview for the next game in the Hitman series. Corporations are trying whatever they can do to appeal to the “millennials,” so something dumb and random like this would make sense.

Best Comment: KingpinDylan: “Looks way to basic of an game would not buy.”

Maybe the developer should have worked on his Photoshop skills first before making the game.
This is seriously the only screenshot on the Greenlight page.

Cartoon Fighter’s

No, I did not make a mistake when I wrote the game’s title. The game actually has incorrect grammar in its title. Usually I would skip past a game like this, mainly because it does not have any good screenshots to show off how horrible it is, but this game is so atrocious I had to show it my dear readers. Not only is this a crappy, 2D fighting game, but it is a crappy, 2D fighting game using stolen characters and assets from random cartoons. All of the user comments are people telling the developer to take it down because of copyright infringement, but he does not seem to want to listen. I fully expect this game to be taken off Greenlight before my article is even published. Get it while it is hot, kids!

Best Comment: sundry foot: “I do not want to put a fee it wanted to put free the fuck you want you still Anomaladox child of 8 years breaks my balls.” (Author’s Note: This guy is the developer of the game. Shows how good the game will be.)


  1. Valve personell went after the banal Hatred, but they let flagrant copyright infringement go. Lovely.

  2. I am amazed that Cartoon Fighters is on Steam. Why hasn’t it been pulled?

    Also WTF at that comment. Absolutely gibbering.

  3. Update: Cartoon’s Fighters is still up, but it has been closed. I can’t help but feel that this article helped in that.

  4. @Bup: You have made a real and positive change in this world. Namaste.

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