TSM Episode 333: Earthbound Memories

Thank you, Iwata.
Earthbound is one of the most unique RPGs ever made.

Download: Produced 2015.07.19

When SiliconNooB goes on a bender to celebrate sudden Australian ascendancy in the Ashes, Lusipurr is forced to call up Bup for a thoughtful look at Satoru Iwata’s influence on game development, with both panelists choosing to focus on EarthBound.

* * *

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Week 1 (Friday 17 July – Sunday 19 July): Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Week 2 (Friday 24 July – Sunday 26 July): Milon’s Secret Castle
Week 3 (Friday 31 July – Sunday 2 August): Ghosts ‘N Goblins

Please look forward to it.


  1. Shenmue is great. Only thing I ever kick-started. I’m anticipating being disappointed. But I’m a sucker and got a PS4 physical copy. Also Shenmue is great Lusi. It’s just every bad martial arts movie the game.

  2. Goodbye Mr. Iwata.

    Hello Lusi’s playthrough of Milon’s Secret Castle.

  3. Lord Squire Imitanis of Brighton? Has a nice ring to it, though I think Game of Thrones may have educated Americans that those are two different titles.

    Who am I kidding, you guys just watch it for the sexy British accents.

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