Editorial: Introviewing Actually, I Am…

Our protagonist. Probably.
Nagisa Aizawa.

This week, we continue watching anime in the purest form. The scene opened with a bunch of students who appeared to be soccer players. Anime school kids all wear sailor moon uniforms. Then a male student walked in on this green haired girl, and they screamed. She must have not been wearing pants. Then the upbeat theme song starts, but the lame singing bores those watching. The word gato was heard, so there must be cats somewhere around. In the next scene, many students are playing cards. Oh no! They have porno magazines and laundry baskets, this cannot be good.

Some asshat.
School drama is High Drama.

Class starts and the protagonist boy has a crush on the green haired girl. She is big breasted, as per the usual in anime. He started to romance her every feature. They make eye contact and he has a seizure. The teacher does not like students having boners in class so he is shaken by her till it is gone. The next scene had several girls doing weird stretches in preparation for what can be assumed is gym class. As usual, rape is always a fear when watching anime. There is a lot of conversation and sappy music playing after school gets out. He wrote a love letter and went to give it to the green haired girl. Oh dear, she is revealed a succubus vampire! This was from the scene they started from in the beginning. All arousal went away from the petrified hero. This is the anime version of Twilight!

Or Yoko Shiragami, if that matters.
The ‘green haired girl’.

In the next scene a group of kids are talking and suddenly a super nerdy girl appears in an April O’Neil trench coat. The green haired vampire explains her plight to the hero. He accepts her lifestyle, but it is okay because she was born that way, right? She tells him she wants to be friends, and his arousal returns. So the hero has a decision to make. Either he can be friends with her and eventually fall in love with her, ending in his blood being sucked from his body, or he can drive a stake into her heart. Hopefully he will choose the latter. He has so many feelings that this will makes her have feelings for him too. The story is resolved with him accepting her and they become friends. And then it appears that vampire hunters are after the green haired girl, so maybe there will be some killing after all. One can only hope that there will be epic battle scenes in the future, however I only get to watch one episode.

Three! Three anime-people! Ah-ah-ah!
Okada, Sakurada, and Shimada.

This episode was very slow going, with a surprise in the middle. The series might be worth watching if you can get the first couple of episodes. But personally the anime Twilight thing was not for me. How do people watch these in English? It makes no sense at all, but it was an interesting watch nonetheless. Maybe it will end up that our hero will also become a vampire. And they will have endless love. Like other teenage nonsense. Until next time, Excelsior!


  1. I absolutely love this show. It gets better every week. A+

  2. I’ve only seen the first episode, and I watched it largely because I found the colours attractive. I’ll probably watch another ep or two before drawing any conclusions as to whether or not I’ll see it through to the end.

  3. @Wolfe: My advice is don’t read anything about it in any least way and keep watching. Each episode improves upon the previous.

  4. No problems there, I tend to avoid reading up on a series I’m pursuing, lest major plot twists be spoiled.

  5. Native language reviews are a conceptually brilliant idea – I love it!

  6. I’ve added another meta-level of removal from any knowledge of the translation by having the picture captions written by Mel, who hasn’t even seen the anime in any form.

    We will not ruin our readers’ experiences with adulterated translations!

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