TSM Episode 334: Fillercast

So, when you're with Bup, time stands still.
‘Time flies when you’re having fun.’

Download: Produced 2015.07.26

Lusipurr and Bup take on the slowest of slow news weeks when even the Cricket is on holiday.

* * *

We now present…

These are the planned start times for streaming. Actual streaming may begin before or after the times here scheduled. Streaming is through the Lusipurr.com Twitch.tv Channel.

Times are given in US Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-0400: Detroit, New York). Converted times are given in US Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-0700: San Francisco, Seattle), UK British Summer Time (GMT+0100: London, York), and Australian Central Standard Time (GMT+0930: Adelaide, Darwin).

FRIDAY 17:00 US EDT / 14:00 US PDT / 22:00 UK BST / 06:30 Saturday Aus ACST

SATURDAY 21:00 US EDT / 18:00 US PDT / 02:00 Sunday UK BST / 10:30 Sunday Aus ACST

SUNDAY 13:00 US EDT / 10:00 US PDT / 18:00 UK BST / 02:30 Monday Aus ACST

Week 1 (Friday 17 July – Sunday 19 July): Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Week 2 (Friday 24 July – Sunday 26 July): Milon’s Secret Castle
Week 3 (Friday 31 July – Sunday 2 August): Ghosts ‘N Goblins

Please look forward to it.


  1. I hate Pixar. I hate CGI animation. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    Snow White With the Red Hair is absolutely beautiful, and very charming.

    I would also recommend Maria the Virgin Witch. Despite the first episode set up being very deceptive, I assure you, it is not what you’d expect, and was one of THE gems of this year.

    If you haven’t tracked down the recently released Castle of Cagliostro film, do so. It’s Miyazaki at his finest, and one of the films Disney doesn’t have the rights to. Spielberg called it one of the greatest adventure movies ever made. It is.

  2. I could barely contain laughing on the airplane this morning. Lusipurr and Bup’s chemistry takes a certain level of intelligence, sophistication, and refined taste to suitably appreciate what makes it so amusing.

    I’m sorry I can’t watch the streams! Timing’s all wrong. If they were saved to watch later I would though.

    I think it was not rude.

  3. @DiceAdmiral: It had to happen eventually!

    @Wolfe: If you mean Lupin the Third Castle of Cagliostro, then I have seen that a long time ago. Although I have heard something about a remake/sequel/something? I’ll have to find Maria the Virgin Witch–this is the first I have heard of it.

    @Dancing Matt: Our humour is precisely prepared for the 1%. You are the 1%. We’ve turned the hoses on the 99% and they’ve cleared off.

    I think the latest stream is kept on the Twitch page for viewing. I have finished MSC on my own, which allowed me the freedom to constantly pause and play and pause and play and pause and play, and also to do so without having to sit in front of the camera. It was also very, very late and we were off-schedule. (I waited for staff members, but no one was available, so I went ahead without them.)

    I don’t know which was more disappointing: the end to Zelda II or the end to MSC. Even by the standards of NES games, they are both monumentally underwhelming. Review should be up later this evening–after today’s battery of doctors, I need a nap.

  4. @Lusi: Funimation has Maria. It’s well worth a watch. Don’t give up after episode 1 either or you’ll miss the actual show. The set up does it no justice.

    Re: Streaming: I don’t tune it because I’m at work when you’re streaming. By the time I’ve gotten home it’s long past. I would’ve enjoyed watching you suffer through Zelda 2.

  5. @Wolfe: I believe that the last stream is archived for a short while, so you can see me being irrationally angry at Imitanis whilst playing MSC.

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