TSM Episode 335: Stumbling Matilda

Ian Bell rediscovered his form, aided by the consistently excellent Joe Root, to easily chase down the Australian total.
As the Australian Dad’s Army crumbles, a young England is ascendant.

Download: Produced 2015.08.02

As the news spins up for the end-of-summer releases, and as Australia’s Ashes hopes suffer yet another calamitous setback, a gracious (and potently smug) Lusipurr greets SiliconNooB–A.K.A. ‘Handsome Jules’–with a welcome as warm as an English beer.


  1. “who are you making this game for?”

    The people that wanted a remake. That’s what they are doing. That’s what a remake is, re-doing the whole thing from its foundation.

    This is exactly why I absolutely do not want a remake of FFVI, which is my favorite game of the Final Fantasy series. A current gen 3D remaster, might be fun. Maybe. You can not remake perfection, and you shouldn’t want perfection remade. In my opinion, anyway.

  2. @Savante: If someone is a fan of FFVII, they are a fan of the game. So why would they want a DIFFERENT game instead?

    I do not think that the ‘people who want a remake’ exist. I think they are an optimistic postulation from the mind of Nomura which retroactively justifies his meddling.

  3. Yeah but you’re dealing with SquareEnix. What else is there to say? They’ve done nothing but let people down for OVER a decade. God I’m old…

  4. I have not listened to this episode yet, but I am assuming the Bup Talk is the best part.

  5. Basically, a good remake should preserve the good aspects of a game while polishing up some of the things that didn’t work first time around.

    I wanted to see FFVII faithfully remade using modern technology. There are a bunch of areas where SE could make legitimate improvements: having a controllable third person camera [which has the effect of completely altering scale and perspective], fixing some of the flaws in the translation, producing well directed and fully voice acted cutscenes, and I would even be happy for them to improve combat by making some of the endgame bosses a bit more of a challenge.

    What I never wanted was for SE to completely redesign the parts of the game that I liked! What is the point of having a FFVII remake if it is just a glorified FFXV reskin?

    FFVII was more than its setting [a setting that has been ruined by Advent Children’s redesigns].

    Some remakes get it right by hardly changing anything at all: Ocarina of Time & Majora’s Mask [3DS], Black Mesa, Star Fox 64 [3DS].

    Some remakes get it right by changing a great deal: Resident Evil [GameCube], Lunar 1&2 [PS1].

    In neither of the above examples do the developers opt to radically change how the games are played. People who enjoyed the gameplay of the original version can still enjoy the mechanics of the updated version.

    There is only one legitimate reason for a remake to drastically alter its gameplay: if the gameplay itself isn’t good. Possibly the gameplay was never good and the game became popular for other reasons [FFVIII], or possibly the gameplay used to be acceptable but aged poorly [Goldeneye]. I hold that neither of these things is true about FFVII.

  6. This is where this belongs:
    I haven’t listened yet, but I’m sure it’s a very enjoyable podcast.Very little gaming these last few weeks. Lots of travel. Mad Rice Lid out!

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