Editorial: Introviewing Castle Town Dandelion

Watch out! It's a flying anime!
Akane Sakurada

The episode that was assigned this week started out with, of course, a dandelion. The scene then pans to a girl sleeping, and rape is feared again. The alarm went off, and she revealed she had the eyes of the devil. The next scene shows the Japanese version of the breakfast club. Again the group is wearing the school uniforms, which always reminds one of the sailor moon costume.

The theme song played, and introduced the array of characters, and the assumption that this red eyed witch has demon powers is confirmed as she is seen flying though fields of green. The story starts again, the children walk to school while their father watches them from his limo. Petty chump could not give them a ride. There seemed to be a dysfunctional family dynamic. The family have paparazzi, like the Kardashians. No more walking for them! The demon witch shared her flight powers with her friend and they flew away from school. The rich father is monitoring the world from a weird control room. Oh, their father is the king. They must all be children of the royalty, that would explain the hype they exude.

Suddenly, the demon girl sees a burglar. She tries to catch him herself, but instead of kicking him she tackles him with her crotch! Now that is crime fighting. Women have to use their one and only weapon! That is one tough vagina. Introducing the red eyed demon witch, with the crotch of iron, villains beware.

Maybe this IS Sailor Moon.
Sakurada’s Siblings

Back at the their penthouse, the family discuss the events of the day. One might derive that they all have some freaky powers. The children of the king who have supernatural private parts. The next day, the king addresses the people on a huge screen. He starts some sort of competition. And the assumption that they all have powers is true. And they compete against each other to decide who has the best abilities. None of the other siblings try the iron crotch move however. From strength, splitting into copies, flight, invisibility and so on, the competition was fierce. The purple haired prince and the red eyes demon witch team up. He seemed to have some math powers, and hers is flight of course. But the flight almost collides with the rest of the siblings, and another prince who has black hair teleported them to safety.

The game ends and the nine children see their scores. The loser must have to do something awful, because they were all very upset. The red eyed witch lost, and they all went to have dinner where the king consoled them. The episode ended with dandelions dispersing different ways.

They appear to live in a Ramada Inn. Eh... Kingly enough.
King Soichiro Sakurada

This episode intrigued me more then the past ones. It was neat to see them all try and use their gifts and they all will probably use them for some epic battles in the future. Only one seemed to fight crime with her privates so we will just have to see what happens in the next episode. I recommend it for those who like fantasy type anime. Over all, one can only truly appreciate it in Japanese. It had enjoyable colors and the story seemed to be taking off sooner then most first episodes so far. I look forward to the next selection Lusipurr provides. We hope you have enjoyed reading and will watch these yourselves! Until next time, Excelsior!


  1. I’ll be honest: I didn’t care for this at all. Probably because I hate reality shows. Also because there are just too many siblings and their ‘secret powers’ is too reminiscent of Sailor Moon, which I dislike.

    And the premise is just too absurd for the world in which it is placed: an absurd premise can be done in a way where the suspension of disbelief is not an outrageous effort for the viewer. But this anime didn’t have that sophistication. Sorry, Castle Town Dandelion!

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