Editorial: Greenlight Round-Up, Vol. 35

Welcome! Welcome one and all to another amazing slew of crappy Steam Greenlight games. Today we see the mysterious case of a crappy soup game, a crappy robot game, and a crappy nuclear bomb game. It is all crap! As always, these reviews are written with 100% bias and without actually playing the games in question.

Wishful thinking, I guess...
I hope there is poison in this soup!


As always, you know this is a good game when the English description barely makes sense and has been hastily translated from Russian. This is a game in which the player throws things into soup. That is it. Wait. WAIT! I just through of a great comeback to this game. Soupovar? I wish this game was OVER! Haha, get it? …nevermind.

Best Comment: wilco64256: “The English writing here is still awful, and the game still looks incredibly stupid. Downvoting again.” (This isn’t Reddit, buddy.)

Seriously: why? What? Who?
The best box catching simulator I have ever seen!

Nuke Suit

There is pretty much no information on this game in its description. I am assuming it is some crappy flash game where the player grabs random falling objects. The description tries to make the game seem like so much more, but we all know that it is just another piece of Steam Greenlight garbage. Why do people think this is worth presenting as anything else other than trash? Why do I keep writing these reviews? Why do I even exist?

Best Comment: Ratboy: “yay more Greenlight crap”

MachineCraft Screenshot
I can guarantee this will not happen in the game.


I got confused by just looking at the pictures. This seems like it is just a really intense version of LEGOs, but with fighting robots. I feel like some dork nerd engineer would get totally into this. Oh, wait this game already exists and it is called Robocraft? Oh, that make total sense for Greenlight. Here are the three types of games on Greenlight: crappy knock-offs of popular games, crappy MS Paint-made games, crappy Unity Engine games. Will we one day see an elusive FOURTH kind of Steam Greenlight game? I sure hope not!

Best Comment: Behr11: “You quite literally just did a Chinese Knockoff of Robocraft.”

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  1. These GENUINELY get worse every week.

    Just when it seems to be the bottom of the barrel, there’s another false-bottom beneath it.

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