Editorial: Introviewing Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

That sounds like a way of consuming methamphetamines.
Flamie Speedraw

Here once again we delve into the pristine viewing of yet another pure version of anime. This week’s episode started off with a tapestry that looked to be painted by a kindergarten art class. It told the story of a demon wench with pink hair. With her six petaled flower she used the ancient powers of the earth to take her place as ruler of the planet. The theme song showed adventures in Aztec ruins, it also showed a girl with bunny ears. Why do characters always have to be half animal?

In the first scene, many travelers are journeying to a large pyramid. It seemed that the assumption was correct, many characters are dressed like they lived in the days of the Aztecs. One skilled young man stood up to the rulers of this land. A plot twist showed that he was also suicidal because he strapped flash bombs to his chest and unleashed them upon the aggressors. As the young man declared victory, the guards finally took him down and threw him in a cell. Bandaged and wounded, the young man tried to get rest. In his cell, he was visited by a comrade. They shook hands, and they began to devise a plan for escape. As they plan, they share stories. One being about a giant monster with tentacles spawned evil demon monsters to run rampant over the land. And it is discovered the presumed demon lady is actually the savior against the evil. The girl comrade that told the story has very large breasts that were worth noting.

I'm betting Humpty was a dumpty.
Hans Humpty, Maura Chester, and Nachetanya Augustra

The next day, the guards put the young man into a pit for his impending execution. He spends endless days training and recovering in the pit. He had a dream about tentacles and awoke to find he was one of the chosen six warriors of the goddess lady. The large breasted comrade girl appeared later in bunny ears, and freed the young man. She revealed herself as one of these special warriors. And now they go to form their Power Ranger band to defeat the tentacles. They rode horses into the sunset and ended the episode.

Overall this episode was lame, and not very enjoyable. The flower power warriors of a goddess who defeats the demon tentacle king only seemed very overdone. The story was not that original but, since I could not understand anyone who spoke, who can be sure. The good news was there were no Sailor Moon outfits. This may be enjoyable for girls who get kicks from ancient heroic vibes with characters having animal traits. I, however, was not amused. Some decent fight scenes did not make up for the boring story line. Sorry, Japan, I was not enthralled by giant breasts this time, better luck on the next episode. I am still very confused by the Aztec or Mayan theme of the story. Watch it and judge it for yourself of course, however the viewers will undoubtedly have to watch it in English. I expect a more tantalizing story next time. Until then, Excelsior!

Animal-people always just have animal ears and long hair to avoid having to show they don't have human ears, which would look even weirder.
Adlet and Nachetanya


  1. I loved this episode, and am still enjoying the show.
    As to the mixed up cultural elements? This is anime. Japanese dudes have been carrying guns through medieval European landscapes for years. You should be used to this :P

  2. Not to worry. He asked for a more tantalising story next time, and I have ensured that he will not go unsatisfied.

    Also, Brock doesn’t know anything about Japanese culture. We do not want him to allow an arrogant, Western interpretation of Japanese culture to influence his reviews. We are completely devoted to cultural sensititivity here at Lusipurr.com.

  3. Also: Every time I see that picture of Adlet and Nachetanya, I think of Balthier and Fran from FFXII.

  4. Fran and Balthier were the best. I miss Ivalice.

    Your assurances to Brock carry an ominous undertone. I look forward to the results.

  5. I like that Brock should have the most authentic anime experience. And by that I mean comprehensive. And by that I mean not fit for viewing in polite company.

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