Editorial: Introviewing To Love Ru Darkness 2

Three WOMEN of definitely APPROPRIATE age!

Right off the bat in this week’s episode there was weird stuff to be seen. Three girls with whip spade ended tails are seen. A boy with brown hair was sucking on the pink haired one’s tail. She awoke to find her tail being sucked and got aroused, and proceeded to come on to the boy. The boy is freaked out because he’s never seen a half naked girl before, and she revealed parts of herself to him. Lusipurr gave hentai to be introviewed…great. One of the other girls with pig tails caught them in the act and was rightly upset, since her sister was being a whore. The theme song came on just in time.

Next in the kitchen, a few more weird girls are having breakfast with this white little vampire fairy. Then the household got ready and went to school. No one seemed to be freaked out with the three sisters with pink hair and tails. The boy ran into this bully chick with blond hair, who manipulated her hair into giants fists and beat him up. His wannabe lover from that morning comforts him, and he can not keep from thinking of her naked. Even though they were at school, no teachers seemed to be around. Some are seen doing homework, and they were all wearing the stereo typical Japanese uniform.

That pink bunny has the right idea.

For some reason the girl with purple hair goes limp and the boy has to carry her away. When he got her home, she stripped right away. In the panic he accidentally spilled hot water on her, which just made her want to get naked and cuddle him. They proceeded to have an awkward conversation as the young boy tries to ward off yet another advance. Then the dark purple haired girl comes to her senses and was embarrassed. It is almost like all these girls want to share this one boy and all be together. Like some sort of weird vampire Mormon family. The episode ended as his original pink haired suitor flew down beside him and walked him home.

This episode was probably the weirdest one I have watched yet. Even with subtitles this episode would have been messed up for sure. The weird sexuality and the awkward situations make this show not suitable for children, but those who are into that semi-hentai anime should enjoy this. It was really hard to discern exactly what was going on, because the episode had very little excitement. Certainly Lusipurr will be laughing from his rock high above having a grand old time while this episode was being watched. He has to keep things interesting for the writer. So to recap there was a house full of females with bat wings and tails, most likely succubi from another dimension, all wanting the favor of one little virgin boy. The boy liked them all but was to shy to really reciprocate, and that will most likely change over time. Hope the viewers enjoyed this very confused post by the anime purest. Until next week, Excelsior!

Rated R for MammaRy.
Rated M for Mammary.


  1. NOT for me.

    Although I have no problem whatsoever in assigning it to Brock to review!

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