Editorial: Post Number 103

That's right, poop AND butts.
Pictured: My old NES alligator skin game holder and some intelligent words of wisdom on the screen.

Oh I hope things are well out in readerland, because they sure are busy in mine. With increased responsibilities at work and my restrictive schedule, I had to make the choice to part ways with Lcom. After one hundred and three posts and over two years being on staff, the era of Mel is past. Ah, but it was fun in the time and ways I had to give to this site and it all started back now four (!) years when I started being a regular reader. Fun fact: I applied around that time but Imitanis was hired instead, that assGeneral Editor. Yet by persistence and in some cases being the default choice, I made it all the way to General Editor of the site, stepping into Ethos’ tiny geisha slippers (which were promptly replaced).

What I wanted out of this job more than anything was a professional looking and structured platform from which to editorialize about the games industry. The rest was all a bonus that I, when able, greatly enjoyed. I only composed two reviews, but they were each a great joy to dive deep into and deconstruct the ideas and pieces of each game in as thorough detail as I could. I also did a sort of postmortem of on Dark Souls 2, which functioned in many ways like a review but focusing specifically how and why that game failed to live up to its predecessors. These are among my favorite posts along with any of the ones I used to write about Nintendo. That company remains the most fascinating object in the industry and seen in a different light compared to other industry players. I think throughout my time here I did a half-decent job outlining why that is both a good and a bad thing, although that was not my motivation.

I did all of this because I enjoyed it immensely. Writing and discussion of videogames is a marriage of two things I could do without end, if given the time. And I get the sense that, among readers of longform games commentary and reviews, that this is not a very unique quality of mine. Not all gamers are likely to be aspiring (or even very capable) writers, but among those who regularly browse sites like Lcom I think a disproportionately large amount of them are. And as the site is looking to fill its ranks once more with impassioned people to write about and discuss games, I urge those readers that do qualify to boldly apply! For those that might apply for the writing positions, I realize it might seem a daunting task to be charged with composing a roughly 1000 word post every week. But the structure of deadlines and expectations was invaluable to me as a writer to keep me focused on improving. Throughout the week, in preparation for my next article, I would constantly be mulling over ideas and ways of presenting them. The simplest things would inspire me, and not because they were necessarily inspirational but because I was actively searching for inspiration. Things lit up that did not previously, and in my deepest personal sense I feel that this the greatest thing I was able to take away from my time here. So if any of that sounds of interest, then the next move should be clear.

This was added when I was a reader and got into one of many battles of semantics in the comments.
Wrong but not forgotten.

That is it for Mel’s Inspiration Corner, and that is it for Mel as a staff member! I may pop in occasionally on the podcast and elsewhere, but it only leaves me to say Thank You. Thank you the readers as well as staff members past and present. It was a fun ride, though it is not over. We are just moving in different directions now and our paths will probably cross again. Until then I remain



  1. THAT’S OUR MEL! (sound effect, laughter)

    I will genuinely miss reading Mel’s reviews. He was wrong about almost everything, but I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to tell him this on a weekly basis. My life simply will not be as enjoyable without Mel to kick around and emotionally batter.

    I hope that we have a reader out there who feels that they can take the crease and be the next Mel. Although he may not realise it, Mel follows in a long line long-serving and truly exceptional editorialists, which have included people like Deimosion, Lane, and of course Ethos.

    The site needs to take on new staff members of this quality, so I want to urge any readers who think they have what it takes to apply. Good editorialists are vital to the site, and usually become our senior staff (and administrative staff). Follow Mel’s advice: apply today.

    And, finally, for making more than a half-century of posts, Mel is HONOUR ROLL’D.

  2. @Wolfe: That’s for sure. He’s going to be well out of range now.

  3. Dear Mel,

    I took your job once, now I’m taking it again. Goodbye.

    Many thanks,

  4. *smokes cigarette*

    You were great, Mel…
    Fine, fine work sir & very much appreciated.

  5. Oh no, not Bilious Mouthfarting! Go back to Mouthfarting Manor!

  6. I’ll have you know the proper name of my estate is Castle Mouthfarting upon Cheekwynd, sir!

  7. Hehehe…

    In all seriousness, lots of love for Lusipurr & kin.
    Always a fave point of call.

    All the best, Mel & thank you, sir.

  8. Mel, you had a great run here, going from a reader who was ALWAYS wrong to being a great editorialist for a long time. I will miss your articles, hope you remain a reader and comment every once in a while and pop up on a podcast here and there. Good luck!

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