Editorial: Introviewing My Wife Is the Student Council President

Hayato thinks this show is far too lewd. :|
Hayato Izumi

This week’s episode certainly started interestingly enough. Right from the start a girl proclaims her presidency of the student council by throwing what looked like condoms at everyone in attendance. She made quite a spectacle that made all the male teachers very upset. It seemed as they were discussing the possibility that her popularity only came from the size of her breasts. The conversation between the two male teachers ended with one giving the other a manilla folder filled with dirty magazines. Later at the dwelling of the prude teacher he is discussing the immoral behavior of the president, who is also his wife apparently.

They have a fight, but the male teacher cannot stop thinking about his wife’s breasts. The next scene showed her in a veil, so that expressed they actually were not married yet. So far we know that this teacher is probably in a taboo relationship with this very big breasted student who has also become the student council president. They fell in love and ran to elope. And their inappropriate relationship proceeded to the bedroom, where they learned to experience love for the first time. At first they were a bit apprehensive and then attacked the girl and started gobbling her breasts. The phone rang and interrupted them and the girl fell asleep from the ecstasy.

Rin is disgusted by the lewdness. :|
Rin Misumi

This episode was only eight minutes long so there was not too much to retell, however this was enough to know that it was messed up. It seems that our esteemed Lusipurr has taken a turn for the naughty and delights in my utter confusion. I am sure it may make a little more sense if watched in English, but that is never an option! Perhaps after watching enough of these I will learn to understand Japanese. This episode is again not suited for those under the age of eighteen, and even then should be viewed with caution. Lusipurr must be laughing from his roost as he quietly slips me these borderline hentai features.

The story was a simple one of two who can no longer live without entering the eternal bonds of marriage. The teacher being inexperienced, and the girl being the same expect much younger rush into their passions and get married. But I am curious how the school will react if they find out? Perhaps they can keep it a secret but here in the states, the teacher would be put in jail. As they explore this new love, it will not be easy for them to operate normally at the school. Perhaps the series will get more interesting, or perhaps not. I will never find out because I am likely never to watch the rest of it. So it up to the viewers to decide if the rest of the series is worth watching. If this taboo type of anime is your cup of tea, then you will find it enjoyable. To me I couldn’t stop laughing because the concept was ridiculous! Until next week, Excelsior!


  1. I like the shorter episode length of this series. It’s perfect for putting on in the few minutes I have to eat my cereal before leaving for work in the morning.

  2. You watch this whilst eating? Are other people around? o.o

  3. I love this show, but its shorter length is a bit of a problem for me. I don’t really want to watch fewer than three episodes at a time, which means waiting multiple weeks…

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