TSM Episode 339: SNES Classics

Best games.
Games. Great games.

Download: Produced 2015.08.30

Lusipurr, Bup, and SiliconNooB celebrate the golden age of gaming with a discussion about the very best Super Nintendo games of all time, culminating in a forty-seven minute dance routine featuring a sixty-four voice choir and the New York Philharmonic.


  1. I apologize to all of my loyal fans that I had to leave this episode early. I know you all wanted to hear more of my thoughts on good SNES games, like Sonic or Ecco the Dolphin.

  2. This was a great listen, thanks guys. Always nice when sincere Bup breaks through the character also.

    I’ve very fond memories of the SNES/Genesis era. As to the question of favorite SNES titles, there’s too many to list so I’ll settle on three that shaped my youth. I won’t bore anyone with the details of why.

    -Zelda: Link to the Past
    -Illusion of Gaia
    -Chrono Trigger

    I fully support your position on physical vs digital. I hate having to resort to digital for -anything-.

    Also, the Julian News segment will now be known as the SiliconMoos.

  3. I’d have to say Secret of Mana was my favourite game on the SNES. It may not have stood out like Chrono Trigger and some of the other games mentioned, but its one my brother didn’t want to play, so had it all to myself with no spoilers.

  4. Secret of Mana was an excellent game. First game I bought for myself too, back in a K-Mart that’s not even there anymore.

  5. SNES is my all-time favorite era too. My favorite all-time game is Chrono Trigger (occasionally swapping places with Final Fantasy VII, but it’s CT for now; they are two absolutely perfect RPGs with much different presentation and feeling), so that wins, with Super Metroid, Super Mario World, and A Link To The Past being high up there, of course.

    Now, I had been an RPG fan since the NES, and had already taken notice of Squaresoft, so when I finally (after begging and praying for a couple years) got an SNES, the first game I bought for it was Secret Of Mana, which really became my favorite game for years and was extremely influential for my love of video games, even after Chrono Trigger was released (which took me a while to understand how perfect it was). I very much liked Illusion Of Gaia and Secret Of Evermore as well (it was a great time for action-RPGs, and other overhead action-adventure games). I think SoE doesn’t get as much respect as I think it deserves in particular.

    And then there’s all those great games that I first got to play years later through an emulator, and then all the others mentioned on the podcast (which was enjoyable as always)…

    In short, if I were to attempt to make list of favorite SNES games, it would get jumbled up pretty quickly with 10 games in the top 5. My list for the PS1-era however, would have a solid top 5 great games- absolutely fucking killer games- but dropping off pretty quickly from there (for me, that is). The whole 16-bit era’s style and approach to gaming will be looked on as a particularly peak period in gaming for as long as it can be remembered.

  6. These SNES memories and high points are great. We’ll be reading a selection of the best during TSM 340, so keep them coming!

    And I’ll be penning a reply to some of the comments here tomorrow, all being well. :)

  7. Goodness, a lot of people appear to be mistaken about enjoying Secret of Mana! ;)

  8. Secret of Mana is one of my SNES favorites too. I have some great memories of playing it with a friend of mine who otherwise wasn’t into RPGs at all. We must have played it all the way through at least 3-4 times.

    Final Fantasy 2(4) and 3(6) are up there as well. Particularly 2, as that was the game that really hooked me into RPGs and will probably always be my favorite in the series, even though I acknowledge at this point that 3 was the better game.

    I played through Super Metroid countless times, sometimes to complete it 100%, sometimes to try and get a low clear time, and/or just to have fun. I love this game. I thought the events surrounding/during the final boss was great storytelling even absent dialogue.

    Link to the Past, to me, is the definitive Zelda game. My favorite in a series loaded with wonderful entries.

    Some others I really enjoy: Act Raiser, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 3, The Lost Vikings.

  9. I’m not too sure what Disney’s Aladdin is doing there amongst the other games in the podcast picture. Is that fondly remembered by anyone? Maybe the same people who loved Yo! Noid and Cool Spot?

  10. We read some of the comments that were posted here when we recorded TSM 340.

    I am surprised at all the people who are fans of SoM. It is a solid game, so I suppose I should not be surprised.

    LttP is DEFINITIVE. And given Nintendo’s current approach to development, is likely to remain so.

    Aladdin was extremely popular when it came out–a number of my Madden/NBA-playing friends bought it and played it extensively. I’ve played a bit of it and found it rather ordinary. It is a competent platformer at the very least.

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