Editorial: Introviewing Shimoneta

This reminds me of Lusipurr...
Ayame Kajou

Hi ho, anime fans! This week started with a small attack force that took down some teenagers who were looking at dirty magazines. The teenagers were wearing collars by which the authorities could track their whereabouts. It would seem that, in the world of this anime, pornography is entirely illegal. Perpetrators are taken straight to jail. In the next scene, the protagonist was riding a train. He was day-dreaming about a girl, when, suddenly, he angered a gorilla-like man. The protagonist, whom I shall call ‘man guy’, paused to change his clothes before he left the train, at which point he was confronted by a woman who wore panties on her face. She challenged him to a game of fifty-two card pick up. All of the cards had naked women on them.

At school, the man guy had already put his uniform back on and was soon distracted by sexual images that kept enveloping his thoughts. As he was sitting at his desk, a girl with green hair appeared in his crotch and she advanced on him in a suggestive fashion. He did not know what to do, but, at the last second, he was saved by a prude in glasses. After that the prude took the protagonist to meet three important members of the student body. They offered him a spot in their group, and told him that they needed his help with some important task. They needed him to help take down the panty-masked crusader. He agreed and they made plans.

This reminds me of Ginia...
Anna Nishikinomiya

In the next scene, the prude girl took our hero to a restaurant. While they were eating, the prude revealed herself as the panty-masked crusader! The protagonist wanted immediately to expose her. But before he could act, she tied him up and took him to her secret lair. She tried to name him “Sox”, and for some reason put her panties on his head. The hero was in quite the predicament. Now crazed, the rebel girl started a timer–it was either how much time he had left to live, or how much time was left until her next plan was to be sprung. Whichever was the case, she offered him the chance to join her in her plot to spread porn and ‘stick it to the man’. He might have accepted; perhaps he, too, had been a rebel all along.

In the next scene the protagonist appeared back in his classroom, although still tied to his chair. The green nymphomaniac was there, taunting him while he was tied. But at once, he broke free and began to run. Now able to use his legs, he ran around with the chair tied to his back until the rebellious crusader, dressed once more in her prude outfit, untied him. She may have wanted to spread her dirty cards again, because she threw them around like they were a part of her next plot. At this point, their plan went into action and the two donned panty masks. In a student assembly, they threw the cards everywhere. As the students picked up the dirty cards, a sex education film was shown on the giant screen. Orgasms were shown in many different ways and the episode ends with the student body trying desperately to stop the viewing.

...and this reminds me of the Lusipurr.com staff.
Hyouka Fuwa, Ayame Kajou, and Tanukichi Okuma

So, indeed, this anime was built upon an interesting concept. This series is probably one of the better ones I have been forced to view seen: a utopian society that has outlawed all forms of pornography, possibly banning sex altogether outside of wedlock. –And they enforce it with heavy artillery! Finally, this could be a series I might actually want to watch! I urge the viewers to check it out as well. At least this time when sex was involved, it had a very good plot. I hope you have enjoyed the review and, until next week, Excelsior!


  1. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the most unusual character in this anime was neither of the protagonists. Things take a rather strange turn halfway into the season.

  2. I love the concept and I love the bright, coloourful artwork with thick ink lines.

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