Editorial: Introviewing Ultimate Otaku Teacher

A.K.A. Junichiro Kagami
Red-haired Teacher

This week the hero showed himself as a red haired teacher of sorts, who begain the episode by bickering with a girl who appeared to be the heroine. The blonde heroine was very upset by a piece of paper that the teacher had left out. The opening theme was typical of anime.

In the first scene after the typical anime opening, the heroine called for her father to have a sit-down with the hero about what the paper had said. Whatever was said made the hero run onto the roof, where he saw a singing, dark-haired school-girl. He became very cross with her and scolded her for being so childish. Then he looked as if he was having an asthma attack. The result of this was that he was then punched by the school girl.

The next day, the hero walked into a classroom and was revealed to be the new teacher. The girl who punched him (in the previous scene) was in his class. The hero-teacher had them surf the web on their cell phones. Clearly, the ‘no phones in class’ rule did not apply in the world of this anime. After school, the hero teacher returned to the roof, where the punch-happy girl came up to apologize. He forgave her as he ate his noodles.

A.K.A. Brother and Sister Duo Junichiro Kagami and Suzune Kagami
The Teacher and the Heroine

Later that night, the dark-haired girl got mugged by a man with crazy eyes. And the hero teacher saved the day by subduing the man, who promptly ran away like a frightened cat. The hero and the school-girl bonded after that. They shared sappy stories, and now the hero had become one of her favorite teachers.

After his defeat of the crazy-eyed mugger, the teacher took it upon himself to be the protector of his students. He watched them from the rooftops. The only thing he was missing was a pair of tights. And then he showed himself wearing a mask: Super Teacher! He also had a nifty pokedex, which allowed him to profile women. He swore a vow that he would stalk protect the female students of his high school. The episode ended with him being very proud of himself; but, in the last frame, a dark and ominous new enemy was seen brooding over insidious plans of naughtiness.

A.K.A. Suzune Kagami and Seijuro Nanami
The Heroine Confronts a Villain

Who is this new threat? Find out yourself by watching Ultimate Otaku Teacher! I am intrigued as to where this series would lead in terms of story. And, I am sure the campy, fun theme is felt throughout in later episodes. Perhaps the teacher-hero will develop an entire outfit for his night vigilante bit. Perhaps there will be a whole team of super teachers who protect students from rapists. Overall, it was fun, and brightly animated. I wonder if the teacher has some super skills, or if he will enhance his features with gadgets. –There are so many possibilities. I would implore you to see for yourself: and, if you must, you can watch it in its adulterated form with subtitles on Funimation. The world of anime is vast, it is enriched with women with gigantic breasts, and everyone has a powerful skill. Maybe this is why I am drawn to it. I hope you have enjoyed reading yet another rousing tale from Lusipurr’s anime supply. Until next time, Excelsior!


  1. After last week’s Introview I became a huge fan of Shimoneta.

    I don’t think I will be watching much Ultimate Otaku Teacher (even despite its powerful Student Council Presidents).

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