TSM Episode 342: Cancel and Delay

Expect something similar in 2016...
The 2015 Game Release Schedule

Download: Produced 2015.09.20

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB rise at dawn to record a podcast about the many delays and cancellations announced for the late 2015 release calendar. The Tokyo Game Show is briefly summarised, with the panel expressing guarded optimism for Squeenix’s Setsuna.


  1. My favorite thing from Tokyo Game Show is Star Ocean 5. I get a good feeling from the producer of all people. Usually it’s the director that has all the passion for the project, but SO5’s producer seems to be acting like the director. And he actually LOOKS like a total otaku instead of an old Japanese business man. Hahaha!

    If Hajime Tabata was saying the same things about FFXV that Star Ocean guy was saying about Star Ocean 5. . . Well, it wouldn’t be saved but it would be better.

    SO Guy: “We’re trying to take the best parts of Star Ocean 3 as inspiration since fans didn’t like Star Ocean 4.”
    Tabata: “Accessibility for new FF players! Just hold the attack button!”

    SO Guy: “60 FPS.”
    Tabata: “30 FPS. TONS of frames in the walking animation!”

  2. Info Blast Remains

    This week’s panel
    Silicon Noob
    Also featuring:

    Lusi-cooks wears?
    Not in the episode.

    New Releases
    Unannounced this week.

    Make a Mario Maker level
    Post level code to podcast comments. The level that receives the highest rating from the LusiCom staff will win for its creator a $60 game of their choice.

    Ironically, I’d have to buy a game in order to enter this contest to attempt to win a game. Blah. I’d consider it if I even had my Wii U hooked up.

    Tokyo Game Show
    Person 5 Delayed

    Star Fox Zero Delayed
    I haven’t played a Star Fox game since N64.

    FF Agito ‘Canceled’

    Might No. 9 Demo delay-ception
    I think this game is going to be a pretty big disappointment.

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8

    Birth By Sleep 0.2
    To be fair, Kingdom Hearts has always had awful titles.

    Konami ends production *except for soccer*
    Because what everyone wanted was more soccer.

    Bup Talk
    3 favorite things about Tokyo Game Show

    Imitanis Literature Corner
    The Once and Future King by T.H. White

    I am really enjoying this so far. This take on Merlin is pretty great. Of course it would be confusing to pass through time backwards!

    Imitanis Gaming Entertainment? Moment
    This week I played more Risk Legacy and had my excellent plans foiled by terrible die rolls (as oft happens in Risk). So instead, I’ll recount the triumphant return of my D&D sessions!

    This weekend my group played not one, but two sessions! As a brief reminder: CAST ROLE CALL / LAST TIME ON.

    Over the course of the game the players have occasionally been taunted by flying creatures called Perytons. For those too lazy to follow the link, a Peryton is a large carnivorous bird creature with the head and antlers of an elk. They cast the shadow of a man and use this to trick travelers before lifting them high into the air and ripping their still beating hearts out.

    The party has encountered Perytons a couple of times before but never really had to fight them. That ended this weekend as a pair of Perytons picked up a pair of scouting guards and hauled them off screaming. The party charged off to help them. What should have been a quick encounter drew on due to some awful rolls by the party. Two Perytons is a bit below the party’s level as an encounter but it sure seemed like it was a couple levels higher. It worked out okay for my plan that it took a while though as the entire thing was a distraction. While the players were fighting the two Perytons a large flock of them flew into the village encampment and flew off with the majority of the remaining survivors. I’ve given some unsubtle clues that the Perytons are being mind controlled, which has been causing their atypical behavior.

    The party charged north in pursuit of their abducted allies and saw the Perytons nesting atop the higher of two towers that sit astride a large chasm with a bridge spanning the distance. The party entered the lower tower and side-stepped an encounter in the basement by accidentally blowing up the only way down. After heading out onto the (now obviously very broken (think LotR khazad dum stairs)) bridge. On the bridge they were beset upon two more Perytons, this time one being very large (an Elder).

    The party rolled really well on their acrobatics checks to avoid being knocked off of the bridge and decently enough on athletics to jump the gaps, but atrociously on their attacks. The combat again drew on and the players did not take my hints that they could simply cross the bridge, enter the far side, and close the door.

    They eventually defeated the birds, but were so depleted of resources in so doing that they decided to hole up in the lower tower.

    A taste of things to come: The birds are under the control of a mid-grade sorcerer who is using them to abduct victims for his blood magic. He’s on the top level of the higher tower attempting to open a gateway to the elemental chaos to siphon power. His efforts thus far have been causing the unusual weather and the undead are a result of his encounter with a necromancer. The latter’s defeat and magical enslavement allowing the sorcerer to have indirect control over the horde. In the higher tower there are ice elemental guards which should be fun to play and hopefully a bit easier for the party to hit so that combat doesn’t take several hours.

    It will probably be at least a couple weeks until we play again and it could be nearly a year (but hopefully not).

    Looking for suggestions:
    *Name of Sorcerer. I’m currently going with Steve.
    *Collective Noun for Perytons

    DiceAdmiral Travel Moment
    I traveled a short distance to attend a local Oktoberfest. An event whose annual occurrence being in September has never ceased to confuse me.

    Final Notes
    I mentioned last week that I felt that you’d missed a story, perhaps implying that I’d prefer more news stories. That was not my intent necessarily, but had it been, this one would definitely have pushed it the other way. The deluge of titles mentioned left me unable to really keep up. I definitely prefer a more focused format.

    Final Quotes
    None this week.

    Cumulative total record holder: Imitanis
    Single Donation record holder: Imitanis

    Donators eligible for end of year drawing: I still have no idea

  3. Lots of grading going on. I am pretty busy during the week.

    @Jahan: Tabata is the devil.

    @Dr. Ida Malice:
    I haven’t played a Star Fox game since N64.
    You haven’t really missed anything.

    Because what everyone wanted was more soccer.
    Since the podcast, they have posted a statement from a CSR claiming that they’re still making ALL of their old games, including Castlevania, Silent Hill, Metal Gear, “and everything else*. Suikoden was not mentioned by name. What a bunch of BS.

    This take on Merlin is pretty great.
    Easily my favourite version of him in the hundreds that I have read. Merlin in the Morte is psychotic!

    This week I played more Risk Legacy and had my excellent plans foiled by terrible die rolls
    I hope your hotelier is giving you some comp. chips for the craps table.

    Name for Sorcerer
    SiliconNooB. Obviously.

    Name for a group of Perytons
    Why not a flock? Flying animals generally come in flocks with but few exceptions (as do some quadrupeds, although elk come in herds).
    I think a ‘flock’ of Perytons sounds perfectly believeable, and it would be the term I’d default to without even thinking (meaning that it would be the likely term employed in a real society where perytons exist).

    I’ll figure out how many donators are eligible this weekend (if I remember). It’s not many more than the last time.

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