New Staff Member: Adeki

Like death, working at was an inevitability for me, and upon writing this introduction, I am still not sure which came first. On one hand, I have a boss whose name is surprisingly similar to an evil entity, and on the other I am writing posts for what has been scientifically proven as one of the best websites on the Internet.*

I suppose this is a good a time as any to formally introduce myself to While I have commented in the past as both Shadow4699 and my current nickname, the time has finally come in which I have the opportunity to write for the site. The reason being is that, if there is one thing that the Internet as a whole has been lacking, it is my opinion being presented in an official website. Some might follow me on Twitter and get messages that are limited to 140 characters, but through this medium I can give clear and concise opinions on the troubles plaguing the world. These can vary from the shortage of Amiibo in stores to the problematic video games being funded on Kickstarter to fans’ dismay.

Speaking of which, I should mention that I am undeniably a big fan of Nintendo in both their video games and consoles, and my knowledge of video game related topics is definitely skewed as a result. (We will work on this. -Lusi) This does not mean that I plan on taking a defensive side towards Nintendo related topics, or that I am uneducated on video game topics outside their realm, but I felt as if it needed to be said before I start officially writing editorials. My very first system was a Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and the very first game I played on it was Sonic Advance 2. Ever since then, I have been consistently using Nintendo consoles and playing their games, making me the man I am today. Which is admittedly a very young baby-ish looking man who is sad to look at for extended periods of time. I am sure that this has shone through in my profile picture on my biography page as I look exhausted just to be alive, which is not too far off from the truth.

I also play and own a large collection of video games on my computer, leaving me to know about some obscure ones which I hope to shed light on in the future so that more can know about the wonders of games such as Cook, Serve, Delicious! and Huniepop. The former of which is one of the best mobile games I have had the pleasure of playing and the latter is a game that I plan on writing about later because there is quite a bit to discuss when it comes to that game as it is filled with what one can only describe as sin.

The point I am trying to make is that I plan on staying on this website for a long period of time and I can not wait to start this new and exciting adventure. Working for this site as I said before was an inevitability, but I could not be happier to start and I look forward to releasing editorials every Thursday for the foreseeable future. Make sure to leave a message in the comments below, they can either be welcoming or filled with very mean words which would undoubtedly hurt my feelings. See you next Thursday!

*We legally cannot prove that.


  1. WELCOME ADEKI! I see more agitation on your future, so you better enjoy it :D

  2. Thanks for the greetings guys! Can’t wait to share my agitation in the future, so that you can all share in my pain.

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