Editorial: Introviewing Diebuster (Gunbuster 2)

More evidence is needed.
Hmm. We are not convinced…

This week’s story began in a frozen wonderland, where the female protagonist snuck out of a barn but was followed by her very ugly dog. Then, a very old man was praying to a frog. Maybe the frog was the god of the frozen wasteland. The girl’s hood fell off and it turned out that she had really long hair. She looked up at the sky, perhaps searching for some kind of sign.

In the next scene, the girl rode a train into a futuristic city. Coruscant, from Star Wars, is the first thing that came to mind when seeing the layout of the land. Suddenly the camera panned to her being in a maid outfit washing dishes. The walls were filled with various bottles of alcohol, suggesting that she was a barmaid. While she cleaned, she broke many plates, which also seemed to imply that she might be working off a debt (??? -Lusi). She was working at what seemed to be some sort of space museum. It was a possibility that it might have been dream of hers to be among the scientists and astronauts. Of course. there were perverted space men who were watching this girl in her raunchy barmaid outfit.

Soda Popinski's little futuristic sister.
This is an encouraging sign. Continue…

After an accident with the giant space machines, the girl met a flashy astronaut that she stalked down the street. The astronaut might have been some other species of human, or he may just have had some robotic enhancements. For the purposes of this review, the astronaut will be assumed to be female as well, although her breasts were smaller then those of typical anime women. Thereafter, the astronaut started to converse with a talking cat.

Suddenly the scene shifted back to the barmaid, where she was surrounded by many mechanical walkers. A large bug rose from the lake nearby, and then attacked everyone who was there. The walkers from the space museum fought the giant beast in an all out Power-Ranger-style brawl. The girl astronaut appeared and summoned her own giant megazord. Revealing herself as the pilot, the girl jumped in. Together the pilot and her megazord used fancy tricks and flattened the giant insect. After a hammering assault, the insect was thrown out of the atmosphere. The megazord sent a kamehameha wave at the large insect to finish it off, but it fought back with a blast of its own. Also, the barmaid was sitting on the thorax. She ninja kicked the insect, and ended up helping the megazord defeat it in space. As an aside, the barmaid did not need a spacesuit in space.

What the hell just happened?

I was very relieved not to be forced to watch another sexually charged episode (We will see about that -Lusi). I was reminded of a mix between Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, and Power Rangers. The episode was interesting, especially in its purest original form without the distraction and confusion caused by non-Japanese subtitles or dubbing. Diebuster: Gunbuster 2 actually might be a series that I would continue to watch, because it seems to have a good story. The readers, of course, will be able to read the subtitles, should they choose to watch it online–but beware, all translations involve some loss of meaning! Finally, props to Lusipurr this week: we must always thank him for these superb choices. We here at Lusipurr.com hope that you have enjoyed yet another rendition of the anime introview. Tune in next week to read what we might come up with next. Excelsior!


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