Editorial: Introviewing Aoharu X Machinegun

Apparently his name is Hotaru Tachibana, I guess?
Wonder Boy dons his Wonder Specs

Our story began this week with an over enthusiastic blonde wonder boy fighting for the weak at his school. He confronted three older boys bullying a nerd. The bullies were not scared at all and proceeded to fight the wonder boy. To their surprise, he quickly took care of all three and won the affection of his lady love. The wonder boy seemed to be very overconfident with his abilities, and strutted like he was ‘all that’.

Back at Wonder Boy’s apartment, he overheard his brother talking to someone on the phone. Wonder Boy tried to scare his Wonder Brother by punching the door. The brother was not phased by this, and continued on with his business. Wonder Boy was too annoyed to stick around so he went to meet his pink-haired girlfriend. The conversation made Wonder Boy very upset, and he went to crash a party hosted by Wonder Brother.

Wonder Brother's name is Masamune Matsuoka, which implies that he is not a brother at all.
Wonder Brother gets all the girls.

The party was a very large ordeal. It seemed that Wonder Boy came to defend his girl’s honor. After a brief confrontation, Wonder Brother had quite enough of Wonder Boy’s interfering and shot him where he stood. Wonder Boy, the one who until then was thought to be invulnerable, fell in slow-motion to his death. But Wonder Brother was only joking and Wonder Boy realized it was only a blank. They continued their intense conversation, when Wonder Brother revealed he was a huge arms dealer. He could have definitely shot his younger brother for real if need be. Wonder Boy picked up a gun and tried his luck at shooting his brother. He could not land one shot. Wonder Brother advanced with a real gun of his own. A gentlemen’s duel had begun.

They started to dance around each other, shooting from all angles, until Wonder Boy at last seemed to get the upper hand and pointed the gun at his brother’s chest. As he pulled the trigger, it was revealed not to be loaded. Wonder Brother kicked the gun out of Wonder Boy’s hand. Wonder Brother had won the duel. The crowd applauded at the performance at the two. Wonder Brother had many women surrounding him and because Wonder Boy’s love had also previously fallen for the handsome arms dealer, Wonder Boy was going to put an end to his dealings with women and guns.

I don't understand why he is dressed like this, and there's no way I'm going to watch this to find out. I assigned it to Brock mostly out of spite because he kept submitting his posts late.
Wonder Boy tries on his plastic engineer costume(?)

At the end of the episode, another young man with black hair got shot in the head. Viewers are left with only questions of who and why. The animation was good, and the fighting styles were interesting. Wonder Boy is obviously only just coming into his own, and will most likely develop more as time goes on. Overall, this episode was very engrossing. The gun duel was immensely entertaining and I would suggest that everyone should watch it. The story will most likely move on and show why the brothers have such a strong rivalry to the point of being the other one’s nemesis. The Japanese language describes the emotions perfectly with loud shouting and grunting. I wonder if one of them will truly ever best the other. At the end of this episode, viewers can only muse, but I hope that you have enjoyed this post. Until Next Week, Excelsior!


  1. This seems like an anime designed for teenage girls who like cute boys.

  2. This is honestly the first time I’ve even heard of this show. Doesn’t sound like my forte.

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