Editorial: Introviewing Makura no Danshi

Actually, it might be best not to look, either. Erm.
Look, but don’t touch. Wink.

Right off the bat this story brought raised eyebrows and grimacing faces. A creepy boy addressed the viewer in a weird, tantalizing way. He was lying there on the bed and inviting who knows what to lie there with him. The creepy boy thought he would entice playmates by making lewd hand gestures. This went on for several minutes, as he tried to display himself lasciviously. And then that episode ended… One might think a pattern was being unveiled.

The next one elicited just as much confusion as the last. It seemed like a personal ad from another creepy guy, this time in a car. And so it was in each episode, ad after ad. Different people suggested illicit situations with persons unknown, perhaps even unsuspecting. Again and again, these weird people put forth their talents and desires to try to ensnare their intended targets. Also, they showed all kinds of quirks and fears (which made some of them impotent). Who needs that? Apparently, this entire series was created for the benefit of deranged idiots. Some of the creepy boys seemed to complain about their station in life. –Or got erections by gazing up at the heavens. Each tactic, designed to lure people into bed, was much more pathetic then the last.

Each barette in his hair is a cry for help. --Or for rough, gay anal sex.
Hipster boy is tired of waiting for you to get to the good part. Look how far he can open his mouth!

After watching the full set of twelve of these pieces of utter revulsion, I was quite speechless. Saving the readers from a recounting of each individual minisode is a gift, to be sure. What utter tripe from the subculture of Japan they have produced! I am so very glad that I was not able to understand them, because I am sure I would vomit profusely. These were on the quality of personal ads you would see at 3:00 A.M. from dating websites for farmers. I can hear good old Lusi’s laughter from here, eight hundred miles away. He has assigned some interesting ones before but this takes the cake. What a wonderful wedding present he has given me. We all know the Japanese can produce better stuff then this. Seriously, all of these were really fucked up!

This is the price one must pay for the being a relatively new writer here on Lusipurr.com. I figure that this must be the hazing process–trial by fire, as it were–his gift to me as I prepare to depart on my honeymoon. So, how about some Anime Viewing Advice with which to leave you as I close yet another week’s introview?

Wait ...ugh! Gross! Get me some mind-bleach! YUCK!
Why does this one look kind of like Lusipurr…

Brock’s Anime-Viewing Advice!

When watching anime, you must detect the tell-tale signs of it being utter rubbish. Naked men in the first five seconds is a red flag. Naked women might give one pause, but give it at least ten minutes before moving on to something else. Hentai may be your thing, but for the anti-lewd anime enthusiast just remember to skim content before you fully devote yourself to a new show. –Especially when they are suggested to you by your superiors! If the anime is full of pure fun and fantasy, then proceed at full speed. In all honesty, this has been quite a rewarding experience because I never knew there were so many genres of the Japanese artistic imagination. Although, I did know that they can be really demented sometimes. This will be my last post until I am back from my honeymoon. Until my return, Excelsior!

* * *

Editor’s note: Brock will be away on holiday; his column will resume on 28 October, 2015.


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