Editorial: Introviewing Seraph of the End

Cute! Charming! Doomed!
The Orphans

It is the City of Townsville, and it is… Christmas?! At least, that is what I shall call the large city covered in snow that is shown in the story’s beginning. On the ground level, many citizens were bustling about and getting some last Christmas shopping done before Santa was expected to arrive later that night. Alas, the happy yuletide tale was cut short by a litter of bodies displayed in every direction. Trucks and cars were seen crashing here and there. Yet more people suffered fatalities as they fell left and right. Out of nowhere, a plane crashed down into a nearby building. Utter chaos was shown within a matter of seconds after the episode’s beginning. Among the rubble, a pink-haired girl followed by many cloaked servants marched in the midst of the destruction.

The merry tale of desolation continued after the anime’s opening theme. Four children were seen running in the night; they dodged in and ot the cluttered streets. The children (assumed to be orphans) arrived at their destination to find their caretaker already dead. This untoward circumstance was followed directly by two cloaked men with gleaming red eyes busting through the windows and advancing upon the children. The children were captured without any effort, and were put with other orphans and sent to a new location by train.

This looks suspiciously like the Lusipurr.com basement. Hm.
The Vampire City

Some time passed, during which time the children had been enslaved by the cloaked oppressors with red eyes. The children were dressed in white clothing and made to live in a Gothic locality. Within the castle, there were rooms filled with hundreds of children sitting in hospital chairs. Their bodies had catheters attached which were siphoning blood from their necks. It can safely be assumed that their enslavers were vampires. The boy with slick black hair and green eyes obviously felt the oppression and showed his malcontent. He will be called Slick for the remainder of this Introview.

Slick seemed to be the only one who showed resilience to the overseers. One of the vampire villains showed himself as he watched over his charges–he shall be called the Vampire Prince. Slick’s blond male friend seemed to be more then happy to be amongst the Prince and his servants. Even the brown haired female seemed to be enticing him to accept the circumstance. When Slick returned to his slave quarters that night, he and the other slaves are treated to a nice meal. Most seemed very happy with their predicament–happy to keep themselves healthy with excellent food in order to be able to keep giving their blood to the vampires. Poor Slick was all alone in his frustration.

I told you they were doomed.
The Vampire Prince and Buttercup

When it seemed all was lost and he was truly alone, Slick’s blonde friend (whom I shall call Ace) revealed that he had procured a weapon. So, Ace also now planned on helping Slick fight the vampire masters. Ace had just played his part to satisfy the vampire masters the whole time. Slick and Ace, now joined by the brown-haired girl (Buttercup), rallied their fellows together and formed their La Resistance. They departed down a sewer path to the center of the Prince’s domain. They dodged patrols on the way and made it right into the heart of the Prince’s lair. Little did they know, the Prince had been waiting for them and, upon their arrival, he began to feed on some of the female children. Slick drew his vampire gun and started to shoot, but to no avail. A bloody slaughter ensued as, one by one, the Prince killed Slick’s companions. As the Prince impaled Ace, Slick took the opportunity to kill the Prince by making a point-blank shot to his head. Slick was the sole survivor, but simply killing the Prince sadly did not put an end to the vampire reign. Slick escaped into the countryside, where he was met by other revolutionists whom he gladly joined in order to get revenge on the Vampire nation and to free his fellows from subjugation.

This episode was pretty awesome, and I actually might add this to my list of shows I watch. The animation was fun, the story seemed clear. And, if I understood them speaking, the plot would have been well written, to be sure. I encourage our readers to definitely check this one out. Hopefully you have enjoyed yet another Introview of Anime in its purest form. Until next time, Excelsior!


  1. This is the best Anime I’ve seen since Black Butler. Fantastic stuff.

  2. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the official Lusipurr.com basement had a bunch of innocent people whose blood was slowly being slurped out of their bodies. At the moment, I’d be shocked, but overall, I’d come to accept it and live with the knowledge.

  3. @Adeki: Need I remind you of the NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT which is a part of your Lusipurr.com contract? >:|

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