TSM Episode 348: Microphone Rubbing Ends

*Beer not included.
The perfect solution for all of your SiliconNooBs!*

Download: Produced 2015.11.01

Lusipurr, Bup, and Blitzmage corner SiliconNooB and force him to confront his long-standing addiction to microphone rubbing. After the intervention, the beery bloke agrees to wear a protective microphone holder, and signs up for a twelve-step program.


  1. The first half of this podcast–roughly an hour–was cut.

    For the first thirty minutes, my microphone was muted. The staff members thought this was fine (it was terrible). They refused to restart.

    For the second thirty minutes, SN’s microphone rubbing was so loud and constant that I had to throw out everything up until the point where we got it to stop.

    We therefore have no intro lines, no introduction, and no Cricket news. C’est la vie.

  2. I wondered why this one seemed so short. Nonetheless it was nice to hear you all together again.

  3. It was very hilarious. I have to say, I don’t listen to get news or professionalism, but for the banter and inspired amateurism. Podcasts which have been messed up a bit (but not destroyed) tend to get looser and more fun.

    You lot know about Tim Curry’s Halloween song on Worst Witch? Did that become a meme or something?

  4. This is the best episode in awhile. I wish you hadn’t cut the first 30 minutes. #allmiilivesmatter #200million #hitlerboner420

  5. We cut the first HOUR Kisaki. HOUR!

    But next Friday, with a new boom and pop filter things are gonna be awesome.

    You’ll see.

  6. @Mathieu: I know Blitzmage is a Mega64 fan and a couple years ago for Halloween they reenacted that song for a video. At least, that’s what I was referencing.

  7. It’s just just that it comes from a made-for-tv young girls’ movie (that I only know ’cause my girlfriend loved it as a kid and we watch it every October), and I’d never heard anyone else bring it up before, so it was surprising. Something spooky’s going on now.

    Wow, ANOTHER great Bup Talk!

  8. It takes very real talent to be both cringeworthy AND boring as fuck at the same time – but that video nails it!

  9. I appreciate the attention to fixing the mike issue, but sadly my trusty PC kicked the bucket this week so there will be no Info Blast this week, and perhaps for longer. Apologies around.

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