TSM Episode 350: Pokemania Direct

Get ready to catch Pokemon for Lusipurr!
More Pokemon–always a Lusipurr.com favourite.

Download: Produced 2015.11.15

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB record late into the night on the information overload resulting from the resumption of Nintendo Direct, whilst the XBox One goes backwards compatible, and Cricket comes to America in a trio of truly legendary All-Star matches.


  1. Despite it being a two-man show, this was a real winner. I -particularly- enjoyed the extensive Fall anime discussion and pleasantly surprised to hear 7 Deadly Sins mentioned. I’m a bit cross that Netflix has it, as I don’t presently and will simply have to wait (and hope) for a physical release later, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve been able to see. One Punch Man is probably this season’s big gem, with it’s unconventional presentation of typical Japanese superhero themes. Asterisk War is, as cited, garbage.

    As someone who loves Dragon Quest, I was very, very pleased to hear DQVII (-the- reason I bought a 3DS several years back) is making the cross over finally. DQVIII was one of the defining titles of the PS2 generation for me, and I’d even recommend you take a look at it Lusi. It’s not entirely the same as the other Dragon Quests I’ve played, and in fact was the title that interested me in the series. It’s a romantic, almost fairy-talesque presentation of standard medieval fantasy and captures all the things that I found romantic about brave knights and evil dragons in my youth. I look forward to retreading that.

    Nintendo’s NX is still a mystery, but the company isn’t. They’re pro-censorship, anti-consumer and quietly resentful of their audience. I have no forgotten the contempt with which NoA regarded Operation Rainfall, and I’m compounded with frustration by their censorship in Chronicles X. It’s a clear indication that they don’t want the business of anyone over the age 10 (or not possessed by Tumblresqe sensibilities) and both they and 8-4 may kindly rot in Hell.

    Thanks for the show guys.

  2. @Wolfe: Hey, that’s what we’re here to do!

    I have actually played a bit of DQ VIII (on PS2), and really did not like it. It became exceptionally grindy near the end of the game. Also, the art direction really turned me off. I hate Akira Toriyama with a passion, that untalented hack.

    I’ll be watching One Punch Man tonight during dinner so that next week I’ll have more to say about my impressions of it; the same with Seven Deadly Sins, which has been charming and fun so far.

    There was something else I needed to watch, but I have forgotten. Hopefully I will remember before the next podcast.

  3. Ah, well I applaud you for attempting it. I stand by Toriyama as being a very hard working man who was driven to exhaustion by editors.

    Let us know what you think of One Punch Man.

  4. The Linkle commentary was great. Seriously you can’t meet extremists half way. They won’t be happy no matter what. Victimhood is the new honor. the goal is to acquire status not correct “injustices.”

  5. @Kisaki: Exactly. “Look at me! I’m a victim!” requires perpetual victimhood.

    @Pit: Thanks, Pit! You’re my favourite neglected Nintendo hero!

  6. Hi there guys, long-time listener first-time commenter here. Really enjoy the show, been listening off and on since TSM #96. Thought I would take the opportunity to share in your opinions on Nintendo’s direction and say that although I am interested in some of the games mentioned in their recent Nintendo Direct, it looks as if they are still continuing business as usual. The censorship in Xenoblade X is rather disturbing since frankly the outfits they saw fit to censor are really not that bad, and hearkens back to their history of changing and censoring content to appease an audience that in the grand scheme of things gets upset at everything that doesn’t fit into their puny box of “acceptable”. A few examples that come to mind were changing Jynx’s skin from black to purple in the US Pokemon TV show back in the ’90s, or the numerous religious iconography and violent images in some NES games.

    Anyway, thanks for the fantastic show and hope to listen for many more episodes!

  7. @ST: Hear, hear. Censorship is SHIT and Nintendo needs to pull their head out of their ass and release things as they were created.

    It’s not 1990 anymore. Western gamers expect better than to be treated like infants compared to their Japanese counterparts.

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