Editorial: Virtual Reality

No, not the hit song by popular British funk band Jamiroquai, that is Virtual Insanity, instead this article is about video games that let gamers escape reality only to then force them to endure reality in a virtual setting.

Meanwhile, villains do not drink liquids of any kind. Except for sugar-free lemonade.
Heros! They are just like everyone, they eat food.

In order to divert their attention from the soul-crushing agony that is high school, gamers can go to their mental happy place and rest assured that when they are done, they will be rewarded with their favorite video game which is primarily based around attending high school. Of course, many games have tried to best the beast that is high school but none seem to really master it the way Persona 4 does. Blending turn-based RPG gameplay with a high school student simulator sounds like a daunting task at first, but this game makes it seem like a breeze. This is largely thanks to its unique cast of characters along with its intriguing story filled with twists and turns to keep players engaged throughout their playtime. When the player is not exploring multi-floored dungeons based off of the owner’s true emotions filled with monsters the need to fight, they can usually be found in a classroom actually learning information that they will be tested on later. Not only this, but players can also choose to find after-school jobs to make money, study in order to increase their knowledge, or even just walk around town hanging out with friends. If the game’s story did not include a series of murders and gigantic dangerous monsters, it almost seems like Inaba, the game’s primary setting, is a fun place to live.

This forklift's powers are on par with that of a small tank.
The quality of video games has only dropped since this moment. In this moment, the world is eternal.

As every respectable gamer knows, Shenmue is nothing short of an industry pioneer that caused a chain-reaction of quality video games to follow suit. No, not the unique gameplay of being able to walk around town without getting anything done for weeks at a time thanks to an active day and night system. Quick-time events were another completely useless addition, and going around playing arcade games was a waste of time. Shenmue pioneered the industry through the single-greatest gameplay addition of all time, the forklift. While it is unlikely the human race can prove the existence of a higher power through a video game, the closest the world may ever get is through viewing, nay, experiencing the vivid and mesmerizing forklift gameplay that can only be found in Shenmue. In order to make money, Ryo, the game’s protagonist, takes up operating the forklift as a part-time job, he can ferry crates between warehouses and participate in races with the intensity of F-Zero. Truly, Shenmue is a game that will stand the test of time solely because of its forklift, and nothing more.

Despite other staff member’s disdain for this particular title, it only makes sense to include Chibi-Robo! when talking about games that miraculously make the real world seem like fun. In fact, this Gamecube exclusive nearly mastered this concept at its time as the gameplay is built completely around a miniature robot whose sole purpose is to complete the chores ordered by its owners. These chores vary from cleaning up paw prints with a toothbrush to cooking burgers on the stove when Dad needs help. Admittedly, the gameplay does not sound quite interesting but in actuality the game is extremely charming with its own quirky sense of humor, unique gameplay, and delightful soundtrack, no matter what any one else may say.

This is quality content.
The game includes a day at night setting that can be adjusted to either five, ten, or fifteen minutes.

What games have you played that included the mundane activities of the real world? Was it more intriguing to do the same task in the video game than it was in real life? Make sure to leave a comment below!


  1. Persona 4 is a fantastic game, and Lusipurr can never hear it said too many times. He’s going to love your editorial this week, Adeki. Good job! :D

  2. Ah, this must be one of those SATIRE articles. Excellent work! Ha! Ha!

  3. @SiliconNooB Thanks! I just got into Persona 4 this year and although I took a couple breaks in-between long game sessions I’m glad I finished it as soon as I did with Persona 5 (hopefully) coming soon in 2016.

    @Lusipurr Yes, SATIRE, that’s what happened here…

  4. SMT X Fire Emblem will also release in 2016 if you have a Wii U [it looks quite a bit like a bubblegum-flavoured Persona game]. 2016 is going to be an amazing year for JRPGs.

  5. You’re right! I totally forgot about SMT X Fire Emblem coming out next year. There’s definitely going to be a large variety of JRPGS coming out next year, which is always a good thing.

  6. All hail 2016!

    The power of Sony as generation leader is bearing fruit, as it did during the glory days of the PS1 and PS2.

    Long live JRPGs. Long live Sony.

    But seriously they need to shut off their shitty PSNow service and stop making people re-buy PS2 classics on PS4.

  7. I could see them shutting down PSNow in favor of backwards compatibility with disc-based PS3 games but I don’t see them doing the same for PS2. It’s all about money. They don’t make money on physical PS2 games anymore.

  8. @Blitzmage: It’s not about physical PS2 games; it’s about digital purchases on PSN carrying across systems.

    It is not acceptable to tout “PS2 compatibility!” and then make PS3 owners rebuy their PS2 classic purchases for PS4.

  9. Exactly what Lusipurr said.

    Also, there is no way that the PS4 will ever play PS3 discs.

  10. @SN: Not powerful enough to emulate that by a long way, certainly. Would be surprised to see it on the PS5, honestly.

  11. I was absolutely shocked to see the Xbone emulating 360 games, so sometimes engineers can pull off small miracles – but they can only do that up to a point. The PS3 is a whole other kettle of fish. There is just no way that Sony engineers can program the PS4 CPU to emulate another CPU that is more powerful than it is. If Shuhei can pull that off then he’s another step closer to sainthood.

  12. Truly, Shenmue’s greatest addition to the game industry was being a young man on the docks looking for sailors.

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