News: Fuck Nintendo!

Nintendo is not worth supporting.
Nintendo should have died with Iwata.

Nintendo Is Addicted to Censorship

Done. One is thoroughly done with Nintendo. One is done with them regardless of how attractive their NX console and handheld appear. One is done with them despite the fact that they are pretty much the only game in town when it comes to handheld gaming. They have bet big on SJWs, and as a result of that they have lost this gamer. It is one thing for Nintendo to starve Nintendo owners of content, but, now that some games are actually on the way, it is quite another thing to watch helplessly as week after week Nintendo announces that they have gutted their games for Western sensibilities in an effort to appease people who were never going to buy them in the first place! That will not gain Nintendo customers. It will lose Nintendo customers. So fuck Nintendo, they have brought their irrelevance down upon their own heads. It is for the SJWs to keep Nintendo in business now, because gamers are dead, apparently.

Goodness knows it was not merely enough for Nintendo to cleanse Fire Emblem Fates of important character development to spare the feelings of special snowflakes, nope, this week it has come to light that the game has been stripped of fun game mechanics too. The uncensored Japanese version of the game featured a petting mode where party members could be stroked with the stylus in order to strengthen the bond between characters, much like the petting feature seen in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. This feature has been stripped entirely from the game to protect our delicate Western sensibilities. If readers are tired of being treated like babies by Japanese publishers then one would heartily encourage them to stop buying products from Nintendo. An individual may not be personally impacted by any one instance of censorship, yet they would have to be severely myopic not to appreciate the ramifications of their complacency. The only effective way to prevent any one instance of censorship, is to strongly oppose all instances of censorship. Fuck Nintendo.

Laura's glorious UNDERBOOB may yet be censored...
Apologies, fully grown adults. Your moral superiors have determined that you must not be allowed to play sexy games!

Capcom Admits to Lying About Malign SJW Influence

Ever since it was revealed that the animations for R. Mika and Cammy had been altered, Capcom has been blowing smoke up the collective butts of gamers. Capcom employees spouted unconvincing drivel about how it was an internal decision, and it had nothing at all to do with the outside pressure that the company had received for their depictions of sexy female characters. For their part the SJWs repeated the happy lie that it was not they who were to blame for the game’s censorship, and the mantra of ‘it’s just localisation’ was parroted back ad nauseam by the kind of censorious cunts who absolutely would start a letter writing campaign over a digital butt slap.

It turns out that both Capcom staff and the SJWs were indeed lying previously, as this week Street Fighter V‘s producer, Yoshinori Ono, admitted that the game had been censored due to a large outpouring of negative feedback.

You may have seen sometime ago, for R. Mika’s Critical Art cutscene, the camera angle was changed a bit, and we made some other changes with how the camera angles worked with the characters. That was one of our answers to some of this feedback.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy playing this game. We don’t want anything offensive in there; we want everyone to be able to enjoy the game as much as possible. So we’re working to be able to provide a friendly environment for everyone.

The game environment would have been plenty friendly enough with the mildly sexy animations left intact. No one piece of entertainment is ever going to satisfy all audiences, and nor should it. Capcom ought to look after the customers they have before courting a crowd that does not play video games. To make matters worse Ono warns that more of these ‘adjustments’ may have to be made before the game releases.

The message we want to provide for our hardcore fans is that we are cognizant of the series’ identity, and we are going to make sure that the Street Fighter identity is in place. We may be making more adjustments moving forward, but the fighting experience, the battle, is the same.

Get with the program, fans! We may be watering down your favourite franchise left and right, but the identity of the series is still in place – because here at Capcom we enthusiastically believe that the core identity of Street Fighter players is to be massive cucks, so roll over and take it! Please buy lots!!

One would expect better visuals from the PSP!
The game looks like a piece of shit.

Mighty No. Nein!

Oh boy! One keeps attempting to start writing this story up, before having to leave off in fits of laughter. This week Mighty No. 9 backers must feel an awful lot like Double Fine backers, because Comcept have had to delay the game for a third time, and this time they are not even confident enough to give it a replacement release date! This is the same company that in July/August of last year went back to Kickstarter in order to ask for two new projects to receive funding – one a game and the other a ten minute anime. For obvious reasons gamers rejected his ploy to get at more of their money, yet somehow Inafune’s Red Ash anime project did manage to get funded. Now Mighty No. 9 has been pushed back to an unspecified 2016 launch date, and the unverified word on the street is that Inafune’s Xbox exclusive, ReCore, has been delayed into 2017!

The reason for this latest round of delays really is quite hilarious, you see apparently the game engine Comcept is using, Unreal Engine 3, has ceased to be updated. This has resulted in the game’s multiplayer modes being ravaged by bugs, and the development team themselves having to make changes to the engine in order to fix them. On top of everything else Mighty No. 9 is a big multi-platform release, and the bug fixes required tend to be unique to each individual platform. The hilarious thing is that Mighty No. 9 is ostensibly a single player game anyway, so this multiplayer mode could just be patched in later rather than allowing it to derail the entire launch of the game. Ultimately however, it probably does not even matter – as by all accounts the game is actually quite poor, and people have already lost interest in it. Hideki Kamiya was right – Inafune is a business man, not a creator; and he is not even a particularly good business man, given how poorly he has been managing his projects.

Let's hope this is done well!
Time travel is often fun…

Anime Spotlight: Erased

‘It’s Groundhog Day!’ – well, not quite. Satoru Fujinuma is a part-time pizza delivery man and budding manga artist, a character description which belies one very unique gift – namely the ability to travel several moments back in time to prevent deaths and accidents. Fujinuma’s gift is radically expanded following the death of his mother, as he is thrown back eighteen years into the past, where he is able to prevent the deaths of three friends back in Elementary School. Things are about to get a whole lot more complicated however, as he is framed for his mother’s death.

Erased is being directed by Tomohiko Itō, who also directed the extremely popular Sword Art Online II, and co-directed Deathnote – one certainly hopes that Erased does not take itself as seriously as the latter production. Erased began its run on January 8, and is simulcast on Funimation at 12:30pm Eastern time on Thursdays. There is currently three episodes available for viewing.


  1. “We aren’t here to take your games.” No? Well why are you making them unplayable?

  2. Reporting on Nintendo censorship over consecutive weeks and months has left me feeling like burning the company to the ground.

  3. They were always overcompensating for the American audience but what is different now is that they aren’t even hiding behind trying to be a family oriented company… Now it’s about appeasing a minority that most likely isn’t even a part of their consumer base- it’s just whinging bloggers and out of touch media.

    Rant Alert:

    It seems to me that anyone that is a part of the gaming enthusiast circle understands these concepts so well. They appreciate art and as long as you aren’t doing something blatantly anti-consumer then you find cults of people like the ones that follow “Lord GabeN”. I honestly feel like gaming is the only hobby that it’s OK to criticize as a whole and not individually as it should be. Not all games are created equal and not everyone likes the same things. It’s kind of like other media but for some reason it’s assumed that games are for kids and that like toys they are all equally guilty if just one toy is “problematic”. (Side Rant: Beginning to hate that word…. A word I had never heard used in conversation even ONCE until the last year.)

    Anyway whew that’s my tree fi’ty.

  4. I think part of the problem is those Treehouse faggots. Nintendo hired SJWs to localise and market their games, and are being fed with bad information as a result.

  5. Honestly I have only vaguely heard of this Treehouse group. I’d be interested in seeing interviews and quotes to support what you said. (Not that I doubt you I just like having sources to show other peoples that might doubt me.)

    In the end I do feel sorry for the poor players that won’t get to snuggle/fondle their virtual boyfriend/girlfriend in Fates. I do honestly wonder what content/features if any, since I’ve not heard anything, have been pulled from Conquest?

  6. I’d be interested in seeing interviews and quotes to support what you said.

    You’d need to go no further than the Fire Emblem story from last week’s news post.

  7. I wasn’t aware she was part of that group.

    My brain hurts from that quote too. It would be like Tim Cook saying that iPhone just wasn’t a huge innovation and people should chill out. What marketing executive, other than a gaming executive, in the world can get away with defecating on the product they are trying to sell and not lose their job?

  8. SJWs are a protected species because everyone’s too afraid to say shit to them.

  9. I found her twitter…. why did you do that to me!? Aggg The more I read the more I wanted to throttle…. that…. that….. That walking SMUG machine. She was SO condescending.

  10. She made a big spectacle on Twitter about all the mean things people say to her…

    … She doesn’t actually mention that the list is comprised exclusively of comments made on Chan threads that she discovered whilst narcissistically Googling her own name!

    She took that play directly from the Zoe Quinn handbook!

  11. Yeah but she’s like the little girl on the playground that hits you square in the face and then says “You can’t hit me back because i’m a giirrrrrlllll.”

    Then complains to the authorities that you are being mean to her and somehow you get in trouble in spite of doing nothing to her. Something that has happened to me in real life not unlike this example. It’s losexlose really and I’m quite tired of losing.

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