1. Also more excellent, breaking Axiom Verge news! It will no longer be PS4/Vita exclusive, and will be on Xbone Wii U later this year. So, everyone should be able to play this genuinely awesome game very soon!

  2. Axiom Verge looks amazing. Of course the Vita version will be at least $39.99.

  3. @Lusipurr Mean things about Cait Sith? Poppycock. I even offered to play through FF7 again just to use Cait Sith in my party, and even that was just bluster (there’s a greater than 50% chance) I’d hardly call it “mean”. Being offended by half-hearted expression of (possibly contrived) interest in your most beloved video game character (other than Vanille) is petty indeed!

    You are spot on with your observation of hardcore Nintendo gamers, and Zelda. That is the game that sells consoles to gamers. Casual fans love Mario, who is literally Nintendo’s Mickey Mouse. Nintendo fosters this. The casuals who actually care enough to buy a Wii U to play the newest Mario platformer (please, make it easy for them!), along with Mario Kart and Mario Party, are not going to understand or care about Zelda. A WRPG version of Zelda (think Witcher 3 with Link) will be a big, open-world slap in the face to the legion of fans who keep Nintendo’s console business afloat. (Handheld is another story entirely.)

  4. I haven’t really enjoyed the once and future king but that line about “innocence is not enough” brilliantly captures medieval fatalism. I have a feeling I’m going to like the next part more.

    Fable, except for maybe Destiny, was the most disappointing gaming experience of my life. I remember I bought a used Xbox OG to play Panzer Dragoon Orta (best title on the platform) and Halo with the “bros.” Everyone and and everything was hyping Fable. I fell for it. Then I got the game and it was nothing it promised and utterly garbage. Good bye & good riddance.

  5. @Zoltan: Thanks, although really the people who should be thanking us are Fable fans. From the accounts now making their way out of the defunct Lionhead offices, Legends was a rolling disaster, and Microsoft’s cancellation of the title is akin to the merciful slaying of a shambolic abomination.

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