Editorial: Sinnoh’s Surprise

Although number four may be an unlucky number in other places, here at Lusipurr.com it means that this editorial is all about the Sinnoh region and the fourth generation of Pokemon! Keeping in mind, the Sinnoh region is the first to be featured on the Nintendo DS in the titles Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

There could totally be a pornographic image hidden inside and Adeki would not even know.
All these Pokemon and more could be caught for the low price of however much the game is!

Now, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl launched in Japan on September 28th, 2006 while the latest Pokemon title beforehand was Pokemon Emerald in September 14th, 2004. Many changes came alongside the franchise’s evolution to another portable device as it opened the door for new risks that developers could take. Though, one of the best additions to this series of Pokemon games was the inclusion of Wi-Fi, which finally let Pokemon players from around the globe battle and trade with each other, giving players more incentive to catch ’em all. Another quick thing to note is that the original Nintendo DS models (not the DSi for example) including a slot at the bottom to play Game Boy Advance games. This was utilized in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by letting players import their Pokemon from previous games into their copies of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, filling their Pokedex even more.

Shining, shimmering, Sinnoh. That should have been the name of this editorial; dang.
A whole new world!

Of course, being as Diamond and Pearl were pushed to the newest generation of Nintendo’s portable gaming devices, there are a lot more changes and features to discuss than just Wi-Fi and backwards compatibility. One of these features is the addition of a 24 hour clock system which leads to different Pokemon being accessible at different times in the day, a feature previous added in the past but refined heavily in these titles. These titles also boasted new connectivity to other Pokemon games such as Pokemon Ranger and the Wii title Pokemon Battle Revolution where your Pokemon could be placed within the arena and seen as 3D models battling it out. The starters in this game also bring a welcome addition to the team as they were the first to gradually all become dual-type Pokemon through evolution.

But really, what the hell is going on in this image?
Adeki just found this picture after looking up Pokemon Sinnoh and decided the readers should suffer alongside him.

Last up, it is definitely worth mentioning that these titles do not have a remake or remastered version yet. Which is unfortunate given that that is usually what this last paragraph is about. So, instead, there will only be a brief spotlight placed on Pokemon Platinum. Sorry! Pokemon Platinum came out two years after its predecessors and boasts the new area called the Distortion World which utilizes the power of the DS by giving the player more 3D animations that defy the laws of physics, showing the player where Giratina resides along with her daunting Origin Forme. Other than that, Pokemon Platinum mostly includes a lot of behind the scenes changes such as animation speed increases and some balancing of certain moves like Accuracy. Not really a lot to write home about, but still a solid entry in the Pokemon series, especially for those who wait until the definitive version to embark into another Pokemon filled journey.

So, there it is, all three of the main entry Pokemon titles taking place in the Sinnoh region. Admittedly, Adeki is not a huge fan of this generation for reasons unbeknownst to many, but what do you think of the fourth generation of Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below how wrong Adeki is, make sure to give him a good insult too!


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    Is this series of editorials some kind of metaphor for the Pokemon franchise itself?

  2. Glad Adeki finally stopped playing Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg for a few minutes to write this post. Maybe if he didn’t constantly play crappy GameCube games we’d have an even more comprehensive look at the Pokemon series.

    What might have been…

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