News: Nintendo Ends Rapp Culture literally couldn't make this shit up!
That’s a Rapp!

Treehouse’s Pedophile Princess Gets the Sack!

Nintendo Treehouse has long had a problem with Rapp Culture (TM), which is to say a pervasive institutional culture which attempts to minimise and normalise the violation of small children by grown-ass adults. This week Nintendo were able to end Rapp Culture forever, happily ridding themselves of a turd in the process – though whether she was actually canned because of her disgusting views on child sexual agency is a question that can only be guessed at. Alison Rapp was ostensibly fired for moonlighting a second job which conflicted with her role doing PR and marketing at Nintendo, and Nintendo have confirmed as much. Alison Rapp was [presumably] fired for modeling for raunchy images where she used Nintendo products as props, which she later planned to sell online. It is unclear whether she went fully nude in the photoshoot, as only a few teaser images were made available, but regardless her posing with Nintendo products makes it appear as though she was attempting to trade on her association with Nintendo in order to titillate her Nintendo fanboy followers. She was also stupid enough to advertise this material on her Twitter account which is associated with her Nintendo Treehouse PR work. Nintendo were obviously never going to tolerate something like this from one of their employees, especially from someone in PR who has publicly represented them numerous times at tradeshows and on camera. This in itself makes for a very compelling reason for Nintendo to have fired her, but it is not the only one.

For months now Alison Rapp has been under fire from gamers who object to her public advocacy for pedophiles and her support for the legalisation of real life child pornography. It has been speculated that Nintendo of America wished to be rid of her, but did not want to draw attention to the fact that they had hired a pedophile supporter in the first place, leaving them disinclined to explicitly fire her for her views on child pornography. It has been further speculated that Nintendo then set to scrutinising her behaviour with a fine tooth comb until they came across this latest smoking gun which placed her in breach of her contract. It is not drawing too long a bow to suggest that this speculation on Nintendo’s motives is fairly accurate, as on March the 1st [exactly one month ago] Jamie Walton of the Wayne Foundation spoke to Nintendo corporate and was promised action on the Alison Rapp issue:

I just spoke with @NintendoAmerica corporate. They were NOT aware of @alisonrapp’s comments.

Spoke with @NintendoAmerica supervisory line. @alisonrapp, you are about to be contacted. ‘We will handle this IMMEDIATELY. Unacceptable.’

As if that did not already provide enough impetus for Nintendo to sack her, Rapp then goes on to paint a very strained relationship with her employer in her own words. Apparently Nintendo were not overly keen on Rapp’s slovenly appearance, and wanted her to stop making insane claims about ‘rape culture’ – yet she fought them on this:

About a month after starting, I was asked to not tweet about rape culture because “it could become a big story.”

I fought that. I also fought when I wasn’t allowed to stream games but other employees were.

I was consistently made to worry that getting another tattoo or piercing would mean they’d pull me from public appearances.

Fancy having an image conscious corporate employer be actually concerned that an employee from PR looks like a biker who has fallen face-first into a tackle-box! Surely this sort of thing does not still happen in [CURRENT YEAR]?! At any rate, Rapp went on to describe how her child pornography scandal blew up while she was on honeymoon, which led to her being stripped of spokesman status upon her return, and caused Nintendo to take a closer interest in her online activity – ultimately leading to their firing of her:

The latest GG-centric stuff happened while I was on my honeymoon.

When I got back from vacay, Nintendo stripped me of my spokesperson status and did a “lateral move” so I wouldn’t lead games as a PM anymore

This was because the GG mess meant they “looked at my tweets” and decided I wasn’t a good representative of the company.

Among the list of concerning tweets? Talking about my college thesis and posting my wishlist.

Goodness, an image conscious corporate entity did not want a vocal child pornography advocate to serve as their public face? What heartless monsters! This meant that Nintendo were stuck with an employee who could no longer perform the job she was hired to do, yet she was still attracting plenty of negative attention. Obviously something had to give. Rapp then goes on to fire the parting shot:

Here’s the thing: Do u honestly think that without GG’s attacks, the “lateral move” and the obsessive privacy digging would have happened?

Do you think that if the industry wasn’t afraid of women, sex-positivity, etc. that the anon moonlighting I did would have been a problem?

The amount of obsession it must take to dig up old tweets, find addresses, link me to anon things not related to games is NOT. NORMAL.

Combing the internet in order to uncover the poorly concealed skeletons of an SJW degenerate is not normal behaviour. Gamers can be autistic as fuck when it comes to an issue they feel passionately about, and that is one of their most endearing and useful qualities. Alison Rapp’s above comments can be more accurately read as:

… And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!

In her hour of defeat Alison Rapp has literally become a Scooby Doo villain. Gamers are only even tangentially responsible for her eventual downfall, as it was the excellent work of Jamie Walton which brought her child porn advocacy to Nintendo’s attention, and it certainly was not gamers who uncovered her secondary income streams, as that discovery would have led to the creation of dozens of image macros on Twitter before Nintendo ever caught wind of it. Despite this it is gamers that Alison Rapp places front and centre as being to blame for her sacking, which means that it will be a small miracle if she has not set up a Patreon account within the next week. She will probably launch a sham ‘not for profit’ anti-harassment racket while she is at it. If an individual is defined by their enemies, then gamers can wear Alison Rapp with pride. Wear her like a hat!

Best not to get our hopes up.
Will this be the game we have been waiting for?

Final Fantasy XV Will Release on September 30

Several weeks ago Hajime Tabata confirmed that Final Fantasy XV would feature an airship, and stated that fans would think this airship uniquely and perfectly suited to the game. This sounded awfully cryptic at the time, but how true it ultimately proved to be. This week’s trailers have reveled that at some juncture the party will be able to upgrade their car to the point where it is able to sprout wings and take to the skies whereat Noct can get his Harry Potter on! This is absolutely fucking hilarious, though one kind of wishes that this little nugget could have been left unspoiled for maximum impact.

So the rumours are true, and Final Fantasy XV is coming out September 30, which is pretty much six months from now. Final Fantasy XV is no longer just the game itself, but several associated products, some of which are completely free and available right now! First and foremost is the Platinum Demo, which is available gratis to all PS4 and Xbox One owners – though this is probably old news to most interested readers. Next up is Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood which is a series of five ten minute anime episodes focusing on the relationship between the party, the first of which is available right now on Youtube. Next up is Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, which is a computer generated film and runs concurrent with the start of the game, covering events from the perspective of Noct’s father, Regis. The film will star Sean Bean as Regis [meaning he will almost certainly die], Lena Heady as Lunafreya, and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul as Nyx Ulric. Interestingly, none of these actors will be reprising their role’s for the game, which is bound to make things feel a little disjointed. Finally, there is Justice Monsters Five, which is a mini-game playable within the world of Final Fantasy XV, but it will also be available for Android and iOS devices. The game is based on pinball but with some light RPG mechanics thrown in, and will be free-to-play but not pay-to-win, as Chris Privitere found out much to his chagrin.

Finally, in the spirit of saving the worst for last, the game’s theme song [whatever happened to Somnus?] will be a cover version of ‘Stand by Me’ which is performed by Florence + the Machine, and sounds like a bag full of molested cats yowling. Moreover, has long maintained that we wish to dress Noct in attire a little less prone to ridicule, to which end the suit that he is often seen wearing would be perfect. It turns out that it will actually be possible to do this – for a price. The option to dress Noct in clothing which isn’t completely emo and awful will be available exclusively to people who order one of the the collector’s editions of the game, so fuck you Square Enix!

No, it does not!
Does this look like a culture that is going to be receptive to your SJW bullshit, Square Enix?

Our SJWs Are Now a Problem for Japanese Gamers Too

The sacking of noted pedophile supporter Alison Rapp may have been good news for gamers this week, but it is a case of one step forward and two steps back in this instance. This time however the SJWs may have gone one step too far where Japanese Otaku are concerned, as known harassers like Anita Sarkeesian have now bullied Square Enix and Tri-Ace into messing with their pantsu. In the game Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness an eighteen year old character by the name of Miki Sauvester has a wardrobe which really lends itself to up-skirt camera angles, which the developers decided was too risky for Western audiences. Rather than simply butchering the Western version of the game, both companies instead decided to censor all versions of the game, denying the game’s Otaku audience their pantsu in the process. The way they went about censoring the game was not to merely lengthen the character’s dress to prevent up-skirt shots, but rather to exchange Miki’s cutely diminutive pantsu for what looks like a hulking big diaper [no doubt thrilling the Deviant Art community in the process].

Recently there’s been a trend in games where if you put out a character that shows a lot of skin, later on you might have to make a lot of revisions, ‘although she’s erotic, there’s not a lot of skin showing’ is the feeling you get.

Recently, there’s been a lot of flak from overseas countries saying that if you put teens in ‘sexual’ underwear it’s not good, so we increased the amount of clothing.

In point of fact there has not been a lot of flak recently from overseas countries about pantsu, rather there has been a lot of flak from a tiny minority of non-gaming puritans on the internet. When George Kamitami basically called Jason Schier a raging poof after he insulted his work on Dragon’s Crown, the audience responded by making Dragon’s Crown the most successful release in Vanillaware’s history – yet developers like Tri-Ace and Square Enix only seem capable of learning the wrong lessons from the West. Case and point: by remedying this non-issue they have only managed to upset their game’s domestic audience – to a fairly hilarious degree:

Foreigners are shit.

All foreigners play games where you slaughter people indifferently, so they’ve got a lot of nerve to speak up about small things like this in other countries’ games.

Foreign teens wear sluttier underwear anyway. LOL.


This is the same failure as the SFV devs.

Make separate versions for Japan and the foreigners you incompetent fucks.

Gaijin are impossible.

Way to prostrate yourselves to your white masters, devs.

Fuuuuuuuuck foreigners.

In recent weeks the Japanese gaming, manga, and anime industries have been fighting off UN pressure seeking to force them into desexualising women in Japanese entertainment media, to which end hundreds of female game, manga, and anime creators have co-signed a petition telling the UN to go fuck themselves. This is important to the creators of Japanese entertainment and it is important to their fans. With that being the case, it takes a special kind of tone-deafness in this sort of situation for Square Enix and Tri-Ace to then come along and blithely announce that they have voluntarily censored their game in order to appease the foreigners. It is pretty clear that they could not have delivered a bigger ‘fuck you’ to their audience if they had tried.

... These ones pilot mechs!
Most orphans just sweep chimneys…

Anime Spotlight: Mobile Suit Gundam – Iron-Blooded Orphans (2015)

Iron-Blooded Orphans takes place three-hundred years after the ‘Calamity War’, a conflict waged between Earth and the outer colonies. During this time Mars has been terraformed, and its impoverished domestic population of colonists have begun to rise up against Earth’s rule. Amid this backdrop of discontent Kudelia Aina Bernstein, a Martian princess, begins calling for the people to reject Earth’s governance in favour of seizing their freedom. She enters into the protection of the CGS, a mercenary paramilitary group, ahead of her diplomatic mission to Earth, yet while she is stationed on the base Gjallarhorn, an Earth-based military force, attacks in the hope of Killing the Princess and ending Martian rebellion. Iron-Blooded Orphans is very good, with an intricately detailed setting, but it is also extremely serious. There is very little humour here, just a lot of detailed world building and gorgeous mech animation – so one kind of has to be in the right frame of mind to watch it. Also, Mika is a stone cold badass. Extremely cool.

Iron-Blooded Orphans is set to end its initial run this week, so all twenty-five episodes will be available for viewing on both Funimation and Crunchyroll – so take your pick. Additionally, it has been confirmed that Iron-Blooded Orphans will receive a second season, which is set to begin airing October 2016, so it promises to be a rather epic ride.


  1. Ya know some people tried to suggest that she was just advocating for Shota-con and Loli-con but I read her thesis… She says no such thing. She was advocating for much more than that. It was in her own words too.

    In any case that isn’t even the main reason she should have been fired. (That was a pretty good reason not to be hired in the first place but not the main reason to fire her.)

    The taunting and antagonizing of the people that she’s meant to provide a public face for is the main reason I honestly think she should have been canned. Fortunately the digging into her eventually dug up the noose used to hang her and begins the dismantling of the Treehouse.

    While I don’t condone using the tactics of my SJW enemies such as getting her fired… I honestly think that she provoked this.

  2. Rapp is a child, in mind if not body. It is the child who uses the loudest voice who is most afraid. Afraid of truth. Afraid of herself. She is an example of a simple mind that finds confidence without merit. Within herself, she was daring; feelings both bold, and exciting making her lust for validation. The result of her words is approval within a community that feeds on her desires, welcomes the ideology that only hints at its truth.

    But that community, the unknown numbers of which secretly inhabit the darkest corners of the earth, is far more evil and better organized than Rapp or any of her thin messages. She operates on the surface of an ocean deeper than her own knowledge; mistaking the waves as the perils of her reality, when in truth it was far below her all along.

    The only thing I have learned from her is that delight in controlling and injuring a child is not limited to men. This point is the only area in which the self-styled feminist succeeds in creating equal footing for her gender. Forget that woman gives birth, nurses infancy, and fosters development. Her instinct to empathise osi lost to her own mutilated self-lust; an all-consuming passion for her own desires.

    To think of a helpless, innocent life as the subject of postulation is reprehensible. But therein she can not accept blame, for any negative response is censorship in an unrestricted, chaotic existence. It exists within the mind, and nowhere else, and hers will never expand past the bloated sphere of her own creation.

    I can not say there is any special evil in store for those who would delight in, or even condone, the unspeakable evil that her kind would promote. But I can say this: I know more now than ever before how innocent and wholly dependent children are, and to violate one’s position as elder to inflict harm to them in a manner meant only to sasify vile sexual desires is unforgivable.

    Anyone who would engage in this behavior deserves a degree of punishment that I cannot even fathom. She would laugh this off as un-enlightened no doubt; but I know to call evil by its name. We will not escape our fate by arguing man-made philosophies to jutsify our own wickedness, and Rapp will fall as hard as any other fool in the end.

  3. 1. Children lack the experience and agency necessary for informed consent.
    2. Therefore, any sexual contact with children cannot be genuinely consensual, whatever the child may claim or desire.
    3. Definitionally, non-consensual sexual contact is rape.
    4. Consequently, sexual contact with children is definitionally rape.
    5. Those who desire to rape children are monstrous.
    6. Ergo, advocates of pedophilia are monstrous.

  4. No argument there Lusi. It’s the main reason I shed no tears for her.

  5. So I actually went and read this “term paper” of Rapp’s, since everyone on the Internet is so abuzz by it, and here’s my impression.

    No. No no no. Hell no.

    Herein lies the problem. Just because you learned some social theory in college doesn’t mean you should talk about it, out loud, where people can hear you. I think among people who are into things like theory, there’s a tendency to want to circle the wagons and be very tribalistic — ideally the very things you would avoid if you were applying what you were learning.

    And I get why; liberal arts majors get shit on in the US quite often. The general political attitude of the country runs centrist, rather than to the left. There are still some shocking cases of marginalization in the US. It’s easy to feel aggrieved and want to unconditionally and uncritically support anyone from “your team.”

    But tacking some words like “cultural imperialism” onto a defense of Japan’s rather yuck attitude toward so-called “erotic” material featuring children is a misuse of “cultural imperialism” for the end of defending what is monstrous.

    Japan is a different country with its own traditions, but to take a statistic (especially a crime statistic) and say that Japan has less reported sexual assaults of children, and Japan has a permissive attitude toward animated or drawn child erotica, therefore the West should not criticize Japan, is just wrong. First, that’s “reported” child abuse, and if you know anything about criminology, you know that most sexual crimes are underreported wherever you are. Second, it would be in Japan’s interest for them to hush up “shameful” claims of child abuse to protect the victims from social censure for being victims, because (surprise, surprise) the entire world is pretty damn shit about shaming victims into staying quiet. Third, to draw a causal relation between these two seemingly-unrelated facts on account of “I dunno, sounds about right” is to engage in a particularly pernicious form of fallacious reasoning akin to a Kipling “Just So” story. It’s the same nonsense that permits things like evolutionary psychology to gain a foothold, and must be resisted at all costs.

    So for my nominal comrades-in-arms to be defending that is… blech. I mean, we don’t need to circle the wagons every time someone who tweets about feminism in a positive manner faces public censure for what she’s written (although, it appears her firing had to do with this moonlighting modeling gig, which, if she were hired as a PR person, is like… public relations. You’ve gotta know quasi-erotic modeling is a BAD PR MOVE in either Japan or the US). Which may be unfair, but as I’ve often said in these cases, life isn’t fair.

    For example, I used to work for a government agency. At the same time, I wrote for this and other sites, most of the time using my real name. You have no idea how much I self-censored because I knew what the likely effect of not considering the impact of my words on my job would be (e.g., my ass would be shitcanned faster than you could say clean out your desk). In fact, at a job interview, I was actually asked if I played video games, meaning the interviewer googled me and probably found my writings here.

    And that’s perfectly legitimate! Employers have a right to control their brand, and their employees should understand that even their unrelated, off-of-work time reflects on that. I would shed no tears if someone got fired for being in the KKK on the weekend, or taking part in a neonazi rally, or posting really racist shit on their personal blog, the same as I can shed no tears for Allison Rapp, despite the fact that we’re supposed to “agree” on the topic of something like feminism.

  6. I played the FFXV demo and did not have fun. I enjoyed the game more watching another person playing it. Of course they went out of their way to collect all the little orbs and unlock all the platforms I just wanted to rush ahead because I didn’t have any investment into how the game played. They also noticed the main issue was the tutorial didn’t really teach you anything. I feel like if they wanted to make a game like Kingdom Hearts they could have taken more influence from Kingdom Hearts. I would have much rather played the game with KH controls.

    My overall impression is that it’s a beautiful game with an interesting looking story but I reserve judgement until I can actually dig into it and decide if the combat is as clunky and weird as it makes it’s self out to be.

    As for that stand by me song… It’s Leona Lewis all over again. They seem to think that the bait and switch is the way to go when it comes to Final Fantasy. They seem to think that Final Fantasy Fans DON’T want weeb stuff. No Final Fantasy fans want ALL da weeb stuff.

    Also and this is from a gay man; it makes the game sound homosexual.

  7. @Cari
    Nothing that I’ve heard about FFXV sounds fun. I’m with you on reserving judgment, but I haven’t even played the demo yet. The game does look very technically impressive, but I’ll have to see how the battle system works firsthand.

  8. I played the Platinum Demo and found it to be fun. A lot more fun than Episode Duscae.

    The only problem is that enemy AI is scaled way back, so I doubt that the demo will give players a genuine indication of how the final game will play.

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