New Staff Member: The Fallen Sun

Readers have, for a long time, asked for the selection of new staff members. Finally, the disembodied HAND OF SELECTION has responded to those requests.
We choose… THE FALLEN SUN.

Greetings, mortals. is proud to announce the immediate rehiring of disgraced former columnist “The Fallen Sun, Esquire.”

The Fallen Sun is set to immediately return for a weekly Thursday editorial slot known as “Social Justice and You: A Primer in 136 Parts”, in addition to a weekly column in which he will discuss strategies for implementing Marxist social theory and practice into gaming.

“We are pleased to announce Mr. Fallen Sun’s return,” said site boss Lusipurr. “His absence has been marked by a period where there was insufficient ‘tut-tutting’ at people for enjoying immoral and degenerate entertainment, and certainly not enough literary jokes.”

“This cannot come at a better time,” Mr. Fallen Sun said, reached at his desert lair where he develops games in which you are only allowed to shoot white people, such as last year’s seminal Everyone’s Gone to the New Black Panther Party Rally, which Polygon scored as a 12/10 and praised as the most significant advance in gaming since V.R. was first announced in like 2009 (or something? Who knows? Thinking about the past is a microaggression). The Fallen Sun weighed in on the importance of his addressing present gaming culture by citing the state of the industry:

“I mean, have you seen the state of gaming lately? Just the other day, I was sitting in the Frankfurt School lobby, discussing Marcuse and Adorno with Anita Sarkeesian over a glass of white male tears, and it came to my attention that they just let anyone play games, even if they plan to vote for Donald Trump! The nerve of some people. As Karl Marx wrote in his finest work, The Critique of Pure Capital, voting for protofascist Oompa-Loompas is the first step down a dark path to a future in which all government buildings will be made of the tackiest gold and marble. You’ve heard of Brutalist architecture favored by European fascists? Wait until you see Drumpfist architecture. Everything is ‘yooge’ and ‘classy.’ Those aren’t even real adjectives.”

Mr. Fallen Sun intends to attach a PowerPoint presentation to every podcast, with signs intended to generate the maximum amount of white guilt:

“As a ‘social justice warrior,’ I know that there’s nothing more satisfying than saying moderately barbed things about white people online, and without a well-coordinated slideshow, I am concerned that there may be some white men who fall through the cracks and are not made to feel ashamed of who they are on any given day; and, failing to meet those social justice quotas is how you get a really bad seat at the next meeting. Last week, I was stuck next to some dry academic who thought that Judith Butler was outmoded and there was more vital work being done in feminist philosophy! I hit him with a copy of Dworkin’s Woman Hating–he eventually submitted and agreed to read Butler’s Gender Trouble until he finds enlightenment. I hope that through my PowerPoint, we can all come to understand that complex understandings of history, sociology, philosophy, and social theory are things of the past, and reducing our ‘enemies’ to convenient strawmen will poison discourse and foreclose any mutual understanding or respect. It’s time to take back the memes of production!”

The Io Club encourages women to have sexual encounters with deities--and strives against the angry wives of deities who might deign to turn their husband's mortal female lovers into cows.
The Fallen Sun, pictured shutting down the notoriously patriarchal “IO Club” in Englandland.

When asked whether he meant the “means of production,” as standard Marxist-Leninist theory suggests, Mr. Fallen Sun immediately took to his blog (, where his six followers were all quite upset that the question was even posed. His followers proposed that Mr. Fallen Sun give a statement at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin next year–a proposal which was gleefully accepted. Former President Barack Obama will moderate the panel from his new home in Dubai, where he hopes to assist President Clinton II in identifying subversives to be brought to secret chambers below Harvard University for “re-education” in what some are calling the “American Lubyanka.”

At the present time, Lusipurr can not be reached for further comment, as he is maintaining his constant vigil around the home of ex-game-designer Peter Molyneux, just in case Mr. Molyneux should attempt to leave and attempt to return to game design, a future Lusipurr described only as “worse than the Nazis” and “the kind of thing you can only imagine after playing Sonic 2006.”

Those who wish to join The Fallen Sun as members of the staff are encouraged to complete the site employment application.

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  1. As a white man who feels shame each day, I will both dread and cherish each post by Mr. Fallen Sun.

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