Editorial: Klefki, the Harbinger of Death in Kalos

This is it, the final editorial in this expansive series pertaining to the generations of Pokemon throughout the years. That is to say until a couple months or even a year after Pokemon Sun and Moon releases in North America just for posterity’s sake. Closing the series off is none other than Pokemon X and Y, the first 3D core series games in the Pokemon franchise.

The Pokemon equivalent of the Eiffel Tower looms in the distance, reminding us of the friends we lost along the way (not really it just looks nice).
Rolling in the 90’s, is a new way of life to me!

Pokemon X and Y launched for the Nintendo 3DS on October 12th, 2013 which was actually a worldwide release as opposed to previous games. These games released just a few days over a year after Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 and brought Pokemon into the third-dimension for the first time in the core franchise. Similar to previous games Pokemon X and Y comes stacked with new changes to the realm of Pokemon, some of which led to anger from fans. One of the most controversial changes was the addition of a new Pokemon type, Fairy, which led to imbalances in the battling scene and altered the types of previous Pokemon in order to build a stronger gathering of Fairy-type Pokemon.

Tell me, why are we so blind to see..that the ones we hurt are you and me?
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your roller skates and your Pokeballs they comfort me.

Other changes to the famous Poke-paradigm include Sky Battles, which can only be held either by flying Pokemon or Pokemon with the Levitate ability, Pokemon-Amie, Horde Encounters, and Super Training. While Pokemon-Amie is nothing more than a perverted Pokemon petting pen, Horde Encounters can be used in great quantity in order to more easily catch shiny Pokemon either for collection or trading purposes. Meanwhile, Super Training can be used to bring out the full potential in a trainer’s Pokemon by boosting its internal stats for competition. Unfortunately those participating in #PotWatch are yet again disappointed by the lack of berry pots in this entry which are instead replaced by berry fields which still bring out the tediousness of having to check on the player’s berries rather than just having them readily accessible.

For God's sake, he is a keychain Pokemon, nobody was supposed to take him this serious!
The age old legend is that the power of Klefki is greater than that of Beerus himself, God of Destruction.

Now if there is one specific criticism that radiates from fan’s hearts, it is the argument that the creators of Pokemon are running out of ideas. What led to these conclusions was the addition of Mega Evolution which is a temporary 4th stage of evolution for the Pokemon which adds more flair to previous evolution rather than a complete change in appearance in most cases. It also did not help that Pokemon X and Y include a Pokemon based solely off of a keychain, and that it ended up being one of the most overpowered Pokemon at that point in time due to its unique combination of Fairy and Steel. However, it is also important to recognize that it is not just Pokemon X and Y that has unimaginative or weird Pokemon designs, Lickitung still looks like some sort of half-fetus half infernal demon combination. Though, hopefully Sun and Moon are able to bring Pokemon back and look at more animals rather than inanimate objects, like the Blobfish.

There it is everybody, the ultimate grand finale to close off the string of Pokemon editorials. Now, Adeki is once again free to shitpost to his heart’s content, as a long as it comes back to video games in the end. What did you think of this series? Was it entertaining the whole way through or did it just get old by the fourth editorial? More importantly, in the distant future would you like to see a series like this but on different types of worlds in gaming? Make sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


  1. May the rivers run red with the blood of those who hath wronged Klefki.

  2. Having played a few minutes of Pokemon X I can confidently say I’ve mastered the game. Maybe not to the extent that others “master” it, with catching a number of Pokemon or whatnot, but a degree of mastery nonetheless.

  3. To someone who has only played Pokémon Blue (and caught all 151), there are so many questions. What is a Fairy-type and shiny good for, what difference does sky battles make, what are berry fields (and what do they do), why is Pokémon Amie perverted (I already know what it is, but I pet my dog and give her treats and hug and kiss her, but there is nothing perverted involved in that, yet I’ve gotten the sense that Amie is a little too much)… It seems like a lot has changed, and there are a lot of new ideas, but is that all a veneer or does it have substance compared to the O.G.?

  4. @Dancing Matt Play Black and White first. Better story.

    X and Y just polishes the gameplay elements really. The story isn’t much to really write home about. It also seems disjointed in how it plays out. Suddenly you are ripped away from your journey collecting badges to fight an evil guy that wasn’t built up at all and the most USELESS team of all. Pokemon doesn’t always have the most deep story elements but this time I feel they didn’t even try…

    If you want to play the X and Y generation then play Ruby and Sapphire Remakes which is perfect because it is only two generations ahead of where you left off chronologically but you can get all the Pokemon available via trading and so on. (Including all 151 from Blue if you download the game and use Pokemon Bank to transfer them.)

    Also the new content in Alpha and Omega is pretty good and makes good use of the 3ds’ power.

  5. To answer questions about the new types and shinies:

    There are actually three new types designed to balance the game better.

    Steel and Dark Introduced in Generation II were put in to weaken the domination of Psychic types which were quite frankly overpowered in Generation I and had very few weaknesses.

    As they added more and more Pokemon particular dragon type combinations they eventually made Dragon types high tier and had to introduce Fairy Types to counter them.

    Currently the game is at it’s most balanced state from what I understand from the experts.

    There are as many Pokemon as there are strategies and I fear having only played Gen I you are in for a culture shock of all the things you can do now.

    Shinies are just ultra rare and bragging rights. Shiny Pokemon are special colored Pokemon that shine. Introduced in Generation II again you are always guaranteed a capture of a Red Garydos. You may go an entire game and NEVER find a shiny Pokemon without gaming the system or using the special shiny obtaining methods. Still it adds nothing to the gameplay except “ou look at me and my sparkly Pokemon”.

    What you may be really surprised by are the breeding methods. Once again Introduced in Generation II (Alot happened in the second series of games dood.) You could breed two Pokemon that matched in type (Or any Pokemon and a Ditto) and create a new Pokemon of the lowest level of Evolution and level. This allowed you to customize and search for the desired stat bonuses which allowed you to have even more and more powerful Pokemon.

    If you put enough effort into raising the Pokemon eventually all of them can be good even a wild one but breeding is the only way to guarantee that you will get what you need to fill your team out.

    Now taking us down a notch you may not desire to play this way. You may wish to just “Catch ‘Em All”. This can be done but the challenge is 721 strong plus anything else they continue to patch in lately. You get credit for capturing every Pokemon if you only collect the primary ones (Not the Secret Rare/Event Pokemon) but what’s the fun in that?

  6. @Dancing Matt Cari, thankfully, answered a lot of questions for me but I’ll be able to patch in some of the gaps.

    First off, Sky Battles are honestly kind of useless because they’re all optional, limit the Pokemon AND moves you can use. The only thing the player really gets out of it is a “cooler” looking battle scene that ended up translating to be a lot more visually impressive in the anime. However, I do think that it has potential for future installments if they either work on the visuals or add different types of elemental battle arenas.

    Berry fields are just areas in which you can plant and grow all of your berries rather than scattering them across the region like in previous games where you’re then unable to remember where each of them are planted. Instead, you know where all your berries are, but still have to fly all the way there and the growing of the berries is still bland. IMO Berry Pots were OP.

    Pokemon Amie isn’t perverted (as far as I know), that was just a jab at the recent Fire Emblem controversies since, you know, Nintendo, 3DS, vidya games.

    Also I appreciate the questions, because in the future I’ll remember to be more explanative to newcomers who might not know what all these terms are given that they’re standard knowledge for nerds like me. :P

    @Cari Thank you for being so helpful, and I definitely agree the story in X and Y was kind of a let down when compared to Black and White and its sequels. While most people don’t go in to Pokemon games expecting a grand story, it is still slightly annoying when there is a noticeable lack of effort on the writer’s parts.

  7. Yeah Pokemon Amie is just petting your Pokemon and giving them food. It’s rather cute. It’s also the way you Evolve the NEW Eevee Evolution.

    Side note there have been Five new Eevee evolutions since you last played. Dark type, Psychic Type, Grass Type, Ice Type and now Fairy type. I actually use an Eevee Team made up of the three primary elements Fire, Water, Electric as well as Dark type, Fairy Type *Shiny* (Turns from pink to blue soooo yaaaaa), and Grass Type. (Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Sylveon, Leafeon.)

    Lastly another element I forgot is attaching items to your pokemon. (Also Introduced in Gen II) You can put an item on a Pokemon and it has a special effect. Berries are one of these items which allow you to automatically cleanse certain bad effects like Burn/Paralyze or even heal HP. You could also equip an item that increases your chance to dodge an attack or even your critical chance.

    There is just so much you have to learn and most of it was in Gen II…

    The best thing you should learn is this; the new Backpack is WONDERFUL. You can store items in perpetuity and even use TMs and HMs as many times as you like from the Moves Pocket.

    So come on down; buy one of the new games on sale now I’m sure you can get a good deal… If you buy one used you might even find an old save file with a bunch of Pokemon to start you off. (Just don’t hold your breath with the addition of Pokemon Bank which lets you move Pokemon between all games and store them on the cloud. It does have a yearly fee though…)

  8. Meanwhile Forgot to mention this; X and Y was based on France. Need we go on why it’s terrible? Bloody French.

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