Editorial: Yandere Sin-ulator

As some readers might know, Yandere Simulator is a game currently in development that motivates the player to murder heavily as an anime girl killing students around her school without getting caught. While the game itself is a true work of art, letting the player experience sin in a virtual landscape, the term Yandere is less than pretty. Yandere usually refers to a character that is not just crazy in love but straight up clinically insane, willing to perform extremely violent acts in order to secure the love of their most beloved. So, in order to honor the term and celebrate the blessing that is Yandere Simulator, this editorial will focus on three Yanderes in video games.

Think of the robot/bird hybrid genitalia! The possibilities!
Arguably, not enough porn of Songbird exists.

First up on the list of Yanderes is Songbird from the hit first-person shooter, Bioshock Infinite released in 2013. Avoiding spoilers, the main character, Booker, travels alongside his partner Elizabeth who escapes from her extravagant form of house arrest and the pair are constantly pursued by Songbird. The creature itself is about a robotic-bird monstrosity who is feared by both not only Booker and Elizabeth, but also the citizens of Columbia. It towers over the player as well as other human characters and will stop at nothing to “rescue” Elizabeth, because it is programmed to be her guardian to an accident early on to its escape from a laboratory. Songbird shows no hesitance to destroy buildings and murder innocents just to save its beloved, firmly establishing its role as a Yandere.

But hey, she is a hedgehog with boobies!
At this point, Lusipurr is greatly tempted to take away Adeki’s access to the photo library.

Next, is Amy Rose from the “Sonic the Hedgehog” franchise, who over the course of the years has gone through some excessive personality readjustment. Unfortunately, the Sonic franchise still has not gotten a firm grasp on its characters or plot, but a running theme throughout most of the games is that Amy is head over heels in love with Sonic and willing to cut a bitch for his affection. Normally, wielding a comically over-sized hammer, Amy’s efforts are a swing and a miss towards Sonic’s heart but they land dead on towards the enemies that dare try and stop her. This is especially apparent in Sonic Heroes where the main premise of her team’s story is to find Sonic because they have not talked in about a month. This then prompts her to go travelling the world beating the crap out of enemies with a hammer just to bang a hedgehog.

She will kill the rival if they try.
Do not go breaking her heart.

Last up, is none other than Ayano “Yandere-chan” Aishi, from Yandere Simulator. Players assume the role of Ayano who is madly in love with her fellow classmate named Taro Yamada, whose nickname is “Senpai,” as she brutally murders her classmates and hides the bodies as best she can which makes for very unique and at times hilarious gameplay opportunities. Every week, a new rival of Senpai’s love arises, which means that Ayano must take it upon herself to sort things out by either murdering this rival or making her fall in love with another classmate. Hidden beneath a seemingly simple premise is a fantastic amount of options to accomplish one’s goal, as well as a multitude of easter eggs. While the game may be banned on Twitch, it is highly recommended readers look into the game on platforms like YouTube to get a taste for the gameplay. The game itself is currently free as it is still in development and it is also possible to support the developer through his website.

So there it is, famous yanderes in gaming. If you have any requests for any other topics to be featured or have any comments and concerns in general, make sure to leave a comment below!


  1. At this point I’m just trying to woo the affections of @SiliconNooB. Maybe I’ve found a Yandere inside of me.

  2. I don’t think SiliconNooB actually knows anything about Yandere.

  3. At this point, Lusipurr is greatly tempted to take away Adeki’s access to the photo library.

    I laughed out loud.

  4. This is what happens when Adeki runs out of Pokemon. What next: Hatsune Miku?

  5. Nah, waifu pillow reviews.

    “Kimiko-chan has the awesome personality, but her voice is grating, whereas Michiko-tan is always sweet and effervescent.”

  6. If Adeki reviews a waifu pillow, I will personally fire him by hitting him in the face with a rake. Nicely.

  7. I just realized the only Japanese feminine names I know all end in -ko. In my defense, my professor and TA for Japanese class in college were named Michiko and Sunoko.

    Also, I do think it is funny that “Lane” and “Michiko” are the same name (yes, they both mean a narrow road; no, there isn’t some cool etymology behind Lane as a name; the name comes from the word for road. I am named for a non-specific road). Prof. Tanaka found that endlessly hilarious that we signed our names with the same kanji. “In Japanese, your name is a girl’s name!” In fairness to English, it’s a somewhat-less-commonly used name for women as well.

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