1. I chose Secret Of Mana for the Summer Smash because I love that game (just played through it entirely last week, in fact), but remember you both mentioning it before as one which you don’t like. Now I know it has its problems, like the tendency for characters to get trapped, the obnoxious magic leveling system (which you don’t have to do as much as some players think), and the relatively weak story. But there are positives to it, and I find SoM really enjoyable to play, especially thanks to the graphics and music, but I find the combat fun as well. It was the first Super Nintendo game I bought, so a lot comes from nostalgia at a young age (as well as being reminiscent of Final Fantasy Adventure and Crystalis). So I would like you to review that game the most to get a solid perspective on what you think of it now.

    Mr. Nintendo has either been driven insane or has already left the company. If he still is there, after the company has finished committing seppuku, maybe he will finally be revealed to actually be Mr. Game And Watch. And if Nintendo ends up being a 3rd party developer for a Sony console, maybe they’ll make that that idea you had years ago for a Grand Theft Auto-style Mario game where he’s an asshole mobster that says things like “Hey I’ll fucka you wife.” Who the hell knows.

  2. Secret of Mana isn’t bad so much as it is thoroughly bland and completely outclassed by better action RPGs like LttP.

  3. Look what happened to SEGA when they went third party. I wish it was the solution but I have grave concerns. Nintendo does seem to have lost their mind utterly and completely though. It’s a pity cause they are basically the last true game maker left. IE games are about mechanics and fun first. Who else is left with that mentality maybe Miyazaki from FROM Software?

  4. @Kisaki: I think the situation is a bit different here. SEGA was never the most competent of software developers, and they still continue to produce shitty Sonic games and the occasional gem (like Valkyria Chronicles). Nintendo has a much stronger software track record, and if forced to utilise more traditional hardware, might well make more traditional games.

    Of course, they might also go full Android/iOS, which would be the end of everything. However, they may go that way regardless, so perhaps there’s not much to lose after all.

  5. The Sega = Nintendo argument is a lazy analogy that is given way more credence than it actually deserves.

    When Sega exited the console business their finances were in absolute tatters, and they were hurt further still through the treachery of Peter Moore, making a bunch of exclusivity agreements with Microsoft, knowing full well that he had a job lined up there.

    By contrast Nintendo still has billions of dollars in capital, so their ability to produce quality software is in no way constrained by their financial position. Nintendo may still decide to take the path of least resistance, and churn out a bunch of smartphone shovelware to turn a quick buck – but this possibility is in no way mandated by their decision to leave the hardware business. Nintendo has enough money to afford them the luxury of choosing their own path, and if they end up ruining their business then that is their mistake to make.

    Regardless, I don’t see how allowing Nintendo to fail matters much at present, as they are currently in the business of ruining games that ought to be good through gimmickry and censorship. Nintendo’s console business is laughable, and at the minute they are pretty much just getting in the way and making a nuisance of themselves. They need to shit or get off the pot.

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