TSM Episode 376: Marble Butts

Note ye the smoothnesse and pertnesse, whych verily doth enspire the mind of the beholder to hygher thyngs and full of pith withal.
One of the finer butts in my collection.

Download: Released 2016.05.16

A boozed-up SiliconNooB nearly comes to blows with Lusipurr over a question of the elitist interpretation of art. Meanwhile, rumours suggest Nintendo’s NX is designed to play mobile apps, Capcom learns a lesson, and Lancelot is driven to his wits’ end.


  1. I’m with you Julian, on what constitutes ‘art’. I’m a cartoonist. I take inspiration from what Lusi might dismiss as mass produced crap. And as that form of art has given my life meaning and purpose, I kindly dismiss the notion that it offers little more than commentary on my personal character.

    That said, I do understand Lusi’s view on art versus product and as I have a sizable collection of classical art stored away in a folder for such on my desktop, it’s not hard to grasp the notion of art created to provoke emotion and throught as opposed to something produced under direction to be essentially a sales pitch.

    But again, I’m a cartoonist. Love for things like Duck Tales and Lunar are why I can create in any capacity. To discount it as useless or having no value is not anything I can agree with.

  2. I wasn’t trying to say anything about what constitutes ‘art’. I was just saying that sometimes it’s nice to posters on the wall, because they can be interesting to look at.

  3. The source for the NVIDIA Tegra SoC is SemiAccurate, and was a ‘paywalled’ story on that site, content from which was republished without permission, and as I don’t have a subscription with SA I can’t go to the source. From what I’ve gleaned, however, it sounds like the deal NVIDIA may have struck with Nintendo is very attractive; and NV is desperate to have a console presence after having been shut out for a while now.

    Since I don’t have access to SA article directly, I looked around a bit and a member on NeoGAF broke the SemiAccurate ToS to publish the info, which I accessed via WCCFtech (don’t you love the onion-like layers of this rumor shit?). From that article, I quote:

    “Nvidia team was told to get a console win or ‘go home’. Enter Nintendo, who apparently made off very well in this deal…SA has heard that Nvidia are promising software, support, and the whole shebang at a very low cost. According to one source, Nvidia may even be taking a loss on this deal.

    Not mentioned which generation of Tegra or process node will be used or when the handheld is scheduled for release. No mention of the home console, but we can speculate what that might be and who might provide the chipset for that one.”

    So this isn’t exactly conclusive, and could be nonsense. SemiAccurate is a good source, and NVIDIA has to want to be in consoles again.

    I’ll add that if this is indeed Tegra, it won’t be anywhere near the current Sony/MS product, and it will prevent the easy cross-platform ports that x86 would have – placing Nintendo behind once again.

    Mobile x86 from Intel (such as the Intel Atom Z3560) cannot compete with ARM in mobile. Intel has invested a lot of money into this area (though they have backed away from this current generation) and still can’t match the efficiency of the ARM architecture. If NX really is handheld, or some sort of hybrid console, NVIDIA’s Tegra makes perfect sense, as it is the defacto “gaming” SoC (containing a significantly more powerful GPU than ARM’s Mali, PowerVR, or Qualcomm’s Adreno).

  4. @Wolfe: To discount it as useless or having no value

    Come now, Wolfe, this is a straw man. I obviously do not think entertainments are ‘useless’ or ‘valueless’, or I would not spend so much time and money on them. But this does mean that the values of entertainments are the values of Art, or that they should be conflated: and this is, in fact, my point. Entertainments may be pleasing, agreeable, diverting–entertaining if you will, so that of course they are things that people enjoy and of which they desire to partake: that is their design after all! But these are not the designs of Art which, if it has these qualities, should only to happen to have them, incidentally rather than deliberately.

  5. @Sebastian: I’ll add that if this is indeed Tegra, it won’t be anywhere near the current Sony/MS product, and it will prevent the easy cross-platform ports that x86 would have – placing Nintendo behind once again.

    Well, NVIDIA’s past forays into the console space are not exactly a stunning line of victories (anybody remember the NVIDIA Shield?), although as a provider of hardware they might have a better track record. That said, this expansion on the story which you have given us only serves to increase the sense of doom and gloom that I have about Project NX. If this really is Nintendo’s route, then it is almost certainly as I have feared: they want to chase the gimmick again, and this time the gimmick is shitty iOS/Android apps. So that will be the future of Nintendo game design. Ugh.

  6. @Wolfe: No worries! I could have been clearer if we had sufficient time–but at 1h45m we were already well overdue to call time, lest we reach RPGcast proportions!

  7. Alas, there was insufficient time to adequately stroke the marble buttocks of elitism!

  8. This is not to say I disapprove of a bit of elitism; if I wanted content created for the lowest-common-denominator I wouldn’t read this site.

    I assume new works of high art are going to be in short supply in the current climate. By this I mean something with genuine merit, which will be considered classic in hundreds of years.

    I look at the way people behave now, smartphone in hand (at all times, including while “driving”). Society is social™, connected™ (and other bullshit buzzwords), and above all desperate for validation.

    Much of what we consider great music, great artwork, is now ancient (though thankfully still available). But appreciation of these classic works of art and music is just as rewarding today – for those who understand. And understanding takes time, patience, and education.

    My concern would be that if people are so desperate for attention and validation, how will they have the courage to create? There is nothing new under the sun, but there could still be interesting works that aid in appreciation of what the world has to offer.

    Sure, we may repeat history, but most of history has been lost. We tend to live in the moment, looking for instant gratification. Our short attention spans have affected behavior, and behavior is reflected in art.

  9. @Seb – could be that there are great works being created now that we either don’t know about or do not fully appreciate, just like older great works of their own time were also mired and confused by countless works of trash and whatever mass occupations of the mind were frustrating to those living at that time.

  10. The Marble Butts Gallery will open soon. Reserve your tickets today!

    @Seb/Jub: Quite right. Time and criticism will do the job of winnowing out the chaff over the next few centuries. Just think, it was merely a century ago that people were scorning Mendelssohn. But who would want to live in a world without his Violin Concerto, or the Italian Symphony, or his Hebrides Overture–or the overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream? And that was just a century ago.

    Some things take longer: consider Beowulf, now generally regarded as one of the finest pieces of Anglo-Saxon poetic craftsmanship. However, prior to Tolkien’s landmark essay, “Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics”, the general consensus was that it was an unimportant and not very good poem. It languished for twelve centuries before society rediscovered what had made it so compelling in the first place.

    Maybe, one day people will read this website, and consider it one of the great hahahahahahahahahah haha ahhh no, no they won’t.

  11. @Jububale Very possible. Who knows what genius lurks in the hearts men?

    Somewhere genius lurks, for it walks by night. Always seeking the next muse; the nameless terror in each victims moonlit eyes… Wait. What did you say?

  12. Hearts of men, dash it!

    (My kingdom for an ‘edit’ button!)

  13. Maybe, one day people will read this website, and consider it one of the great…

    Allow me to present one possible conclusion this sentence:

    One of the greatest accomplishments of a future alien race, as the entire Lusipurr.com® archive is used as a template to build a new humanoid society on an artificial Class M planet in the Preridrium System.

  14. @Seb: The Shadow was one thought, a long time ago–or, rather, an inspiration for a Lusipurr-themed radio show that never quite got enough interest from staff, like other considered Lusipurrean enterprises (InfoNewsNow, for example).

    Ultimately we do not have sufficient staff members to do some of the things that I want to do. If we had more readers, we might be able to attract more staff members, and thus do those things. But without being able to do those things, it is hard for us to attract more readers. And so here we are.

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