TSM Episode 378: Psychological Horror

When I think of JRPGs, I think of Final Fantasy VIII. As everyone does.
When it comes to traditional JRPGs, think Square!

Download: Released 2016.05.30

As new TSM format changes are gradually incorporated to refresh the podcast, Lusipurr details upcoming site features involving unwitting (and unwilling) staff members, with the omnious approach of Bup awaited with both enthusiasm and concern.


  1. The new music is wonderful! Audio pull-quotes from the episode is a great idea, too.

    My Imitanis Entertainment Moment this week was hearing the concern (primarily from SN) about the ramifications of the contest bonus levels.

    Little did they know! Mwahahahaha!

  2. Also, after spending several minutes – er, “finding” this rare recording, I wanted to share this clip from the original Starlight Megaphone Radio Hour program, circa 1930. Not surprisingly, Lusipurr was still the host back in those days, though his original panel has long been forgotten…

  3. (Sorry, I mishandled the code for bold print there and mucked up the above post!)

    [Fixed! -Lusi]

  4. Oh yeah! Good old Eddie ‘Conners’ Conrad and Joe ‘Banjo’ Butterfield. Good times!

  5. Eddie made me laugh every week…some of the humor would be considered in poor taste by today’s standards, but it was a different time. But you’ll have to admit, Lusi, that Banjo was a weeaboo.

  6. Banjo’s favourite song was Nagasaki, and with good reason, it was a cracker.

  7. So wait, it was called Starlight Megaphone first, then later changed to Megaphones Ahoy, and back again? And what was the show about back then, playing jacks outside the soda fountain? Skipping stones across the river by the quarry? Reviews of the latest Slingshots? Or am I confusing this with Our Gang

  8. @Dancing Matt:

    According to my research, CBS owned the rights to The Starlight Megaphone name until June of 2011, at which time Lusipurr was able to reclaim the name. Thus TSM was reborn, much as Prince eventually took his name back from Warner Bros. after going by “The Artist Formerly Known As…” for a time. (And look how well Prince is doing now!)

  9. I’m sure the Lusipurr.com coffers can offer a coffin for the head boffin.

  10. I bet those uncomfortable orange chairs have been going on 70+ years too. And I think Prince was actually Elvis “The King Of Rock’n’Roll” Presley after getting a lot of witness protection work done.

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