TSM Episode 379: Panty Loon

Working with SiliconNooB is a lot like being a member of S-O-X.
S-O-X! S-O-X!

Download: Released 2016.06.06

With the end of the Summer of Smash, SiliconNooB’s attentions are diverted to other, more Australian, pursuits, including kangaroos, exploding breasts, and inevitable panty-shots, leading Lusipurr to wonder if SN has become a covert SJW paedo-defender!


  1. Kangaroo breasts and panties?! I’m down! Steve Irwin never got that detailed!

  2. REAL Australians. FAKE panties. REAL kangaroos. REAL exploding FAKE breasts.

  3. There are three Wonder Boy In Monster World available on PSN for PS3 (and elsewhere, I’m sure). The one being remade is the earliest and probably best candidate for it, but III and IV are real nice looking and playing 16-bit platforming action adventure games, and are just great the way they are.

  4. Interesting that SiliconNooB reported on a story so close to his home… Almost as if he was directly involved?? Think about it: SiliconNooB. Wait. NooB? BOOB!! SILICON BOOB!!

    Mystery solved. Well played, SiliconBooB.

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