TSM Episode 385: The House Always Wins

Well, gambling bot, rather than moneychangers, and Steam OpenAPI rather than the Temple of Jerusalem, but close enough.
Lord Gaben has cast the moneychangers from the temple.

Download: Released 2016.07.18

When Lord Gaben hears last week’s Lusipurr.com special report into Steam gambling connivances, he takes whip (cease and desist notices) in hand (e-mail), and casts forth (notifies) the moneychangers (gambling bot owners) from the temple (Steam OpenID).


  1. I was wondering, what is the name/artist for intro song to the podcast?

  2. @RabidKitten: The original source material is from an album by Bix Beiderbecke:

    Hoover, Joe. “Rhythm Kings.” In Bix Beiderbecke and His Gang. Performed by Bix Beiderbecke, Bill Rank, Irving Friedman, Min Leibrook, Roy Bargy, and Lennie Hayton. Okeh, NY: OKEH, 1928.

    Here’s the album information from the Beiderbecke Discography:

    96- September 21, 1928
    OKEH Okeh, New York

    Bix Beiderbecke (c); Bill Rank (tb); Irving Friedman (cl); Min Leibrook (bsx); Roy Bargy (p); Lennie Hayton (dm/p/harmonium):

    W 401138-B Rhythm Kings (Joe Hoover)
    solos: Bix (32) – Bargy (16) – Friedman (16).
    W 401139-A Louisiana (Razaf-Schafer-Johnson)
    solos: Bix (intro, 4) – Bargy & Hayton, p (14) – Leibrook (2) – Rank (16) – Hayton, harm (2).
    W 401140-A Margie (Davis-Conrad-Robinson)
    solos: Bargy (30) – Friedman (2+16) – Bix (16).

  3. I first heard Bix Beiderbecke on a BBC jazz sampler CD that came with a magazine when I was a kid. I still haven’t heard anything from that era that I enjoy more. Magnificent!

  4. The NES Classic is yet another example of Nintendo beating the life out of a great idea. I honestly cannot explain why they do this. Since the emergence of RetroPie/EmulationStation, playing classic video games has been a breeze that doesn’t break the bank. My own R-pi setup cost me $40, and that includes a small case bringing it to about the size of two stacked decks of playing cards, roomy enough to house two (probably unnecessary) heat sinks and a (definitely unnecessary) fan. My controller of choice is the which I already owned, and works in every other device I own.

    What I really want is a product that takes the power of the RetroPie setup, the feel of that 8bitdo controller, and the display of a Vita PCH-1000 display in a portable package. I know that would take some doing, but nobody needed another attempt at an emulator that is meant to sit awkwardly in an entertainment cabinet or get in the way someone’s desk, and if anything believes they did need this, ‘grats, you are consumer cancer.

    As for millennials being lazy, I’m not entirely convinced that’s what is going on. I feel it’s more about them believing they are somehow entitled to free and instant happiness without having to do anything for it, claiming it as a human right without actually saying those words. They get that sometimes there is work to be done, but if it gets in the way of pleasure, suddenly that work must provide compensation or move out of the way. That’s what I experience at my place of employment, anyway.

  5. Sorry for the html mess. I’m just going to leave it.

    Now THAT is lazy.

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