TSM Episode 388: The Golden Age

A place where 'every word written is an injury to the Devil.'
In the Gramarye of Arthur’s England…

Download: Released 2016.08.08

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Adeki return to discussing video games in a week chock-full of news, including the potential announcement of StarCraft HD, and Square Enix’s novel approach of using dying children as a marketing point for Final Fantasy XV.


  1. Death by Final Fantasy XV sounds both horrible and actually possible. We’ll know for sure once it releases!

    “Sounds like a very hygienic product!” – I choked on my liquor.

    The parallel between the Middle Ages and the 80s brought up via the reading here are undeniable and interesting to consider. I’m surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed this past year’s selection of reading actually.

  2. Yeah were not just being Jeremiads. The 80s and 90s were legit better time. Thanks Adeki.

  3. I am heavily enjoying the Olympics this year, as I have more and more since I first really started paying attention in 2008. I didn’t pay close attention to archery until now, but my goodness, even though it is relatively sedate, it is fascinating. There appears to be so much tension in every shot and every round. This is also the first time I’ve watched rugby, which is surprisingly far more interesting than american football (which I detest), and I hope it continues. Fencing and martial arts are always fun, swimming seems to be the marquee event, cycling is okay, I don’t care at all about volleyball, football, golf, or tennis, but table tennis is pretty interesting. My personal favorite sport is field hockey and it’s been really fun to watch the women’s U.S. team this year; I’m starting to wonder if Netherlands has something to worry about for the Gold this year. Does anyone else here enjoy the hockey? I would love to see cricket return to the Olympics: the exposure to a mainstream U.S. audience would surely give a boost to the sport. Would T20 be appropriate? Could the lack of women’s cricket be holding it back from inclusion?

    I will also officially register my support for the Bring Back The 80’s (And Most Of The 90’s) platform. The 21st century has been so culturally boring, and wherever it was good, it was hearkening back to those times. The tail-end of thr 70’s can come too.

    I appreciated your point about upholding the rights of human beings opposed to corporations and holding them accountable for their actions. It is the opposite opinion which Libertarianism holds that makes its position so untenable. It was an especially good podcadt overall. Thanks!

  4. Oh yeah, and while I have never played StarCraft II, the original was one of the best games ever and I’m happy that part of the 90’s is coming back at least.

  5. I really hope the StarCraft rumour turns out to be true. I would be back to playing StarCraft in a twinkling.

    There is women’s Cricket and it has been getting a lot of press for several years now. In fact, the ECB has just last week launched their women’s T20 league. It is doing well by all accounts. Other nations have women’s teams too, some of which are very competitive: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Australia all spring to mind as having played recently against England and done well.

    So, a T20 competition could absolutely be on the cards, and I believe that the ICC is considering making an Olympic bid in that direction. We’ll see if it comes to pass. But, if Cricket is to grow, I think it will be necessary.

    I’m not a fan of hockey (real or ice), although I have occasionally watched a bit of rugger, which is at least an actual sport, unlike American Gridiron which is more of a structure for the delivery of advertisements. Archery and Equestrian are my favourites, and I enjoy the Track and Field competitions: vault, relay, discus, javelin–all very interesting to me.

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