Editorial: Space, Space, Wanna Go to Space

Space, can be seen as being very large and voluptuous. While some brave heroes in the world want to mate with space, others just want to merely visit space and look at the…nothing it has to offer. Space travel is very expensive though, so most people have to view space from afar by either using telescopes, or simulating a fictional space in their homes. Since this site is about video games and not about telescopes (for right now), this editorial will focus on three games that let the player go to space.

But their oxygen is also dead which may kill them before it kills the fire.
The ship may be on fire, but the crew’s heart has an even hotter flame.

First up, FTL: Faster Than Light delivers a pretty accurate description of visiting space as it is very difficult and somewhat unfulfilling once death arrives. The player on launch of the game has to pick out their ship and crew and is then placed in a randomized sector of space, on a mission to escape the rebels and reach Federation headquarters. Throughout their exploration of space, the player will be able to explore many different types of sectors that are controlled by different factions such as Humans or Mantis. Players will also find different distress signals that can either be others on the run or stuck in space debris, or a trap laid out by the rebels to attack. Ultimately, most of the space within the game looks pretty much the same, but the combat system makes the player really feel like their life is on the line, which it might be depending on the hours invested in that particular play session.

Da Vinci called this painting, Boss From Afar.
Peppy is a space veteran that will still fly right in front of Fox’s fire.

Next, a game with some shooty-shoots that will surely last the test of time as it also includes furry friends that there has been countless porn of. Of course, referring to the Nintendo 64 classic, Star Fox 64 which is all about shooting things in space and something about Fox’s father Anakin/James or something. The player controls Fox McCloud who must defeat Andross after he wages war on the Lylat system, home to Team Star Fox. So, in order to defeat Andross, the team travels throughout multiple planets each with different geography and climates ranging from the sunny day of Corneria to the underwater depths of Zoness. Overall, the space in this game is pretty cool, especially considering the fact that players also get to shoot stuff while exploring space. However, what is not cool is the team the player is given which includes a flamboyant frog, a rabbit with Alzheimers, and a teenager bird that shops at Hot Topic. Although, to make up for the team’s insolence, the ship is piloted by an adorable robot named ROB 64 who operates the mothership.

The new Knucles redesign is bold if not inventive.
That giant alien might be killable! Maybe!

Last up, the main reason this editorial was released today, No Man’s Sky! Released just a couple days ago on the Playstation 4 and today on the PC, No Man’s Sky is an explorative game set in a outer space that has had gamers excited for years. Players can land on any planet they see given the right conditions and equipment, and then explore that planet either to learn more about alien races or to pillage and conquer in the name of themselves. They can also interact with wildlife and indigenous creatures either to behold in their beauty or to murder them mercilessly in order to gain their elements for future use. The ship also has guns which can be used to shoot other ships in space which means that the game is at least 74% cooler than Star Fox Zero which also let the player shoot in space, but was much less fun. What is also nice is that players are alone in their journey, given time to explore on their own accord instead of having to listen to whiny 12-year olds making demands their parents would never let them say out loud like “show us your boobs, whore.” It happens.

That is all folks, an editorial all about cool games that let the player travel throughout outer space. Do you like outer space, or are you afraid of its vastness and how small we are in the universe? Do you play video games that are located in space in order to conquer this fear? Let us know in the comments below!


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