TSM Episode 389: Party Member Shortage

...just as Final Fantasy XV is shaping up to be.
Exploration in No Man’s Sky is a purely individual proposition…

Download: Released 2016.08.15

After a week of playing No Man’s Sky, Lusipurr emerges from the vastness of the cosmos to find that, in his absence, SiliconNooB has escaped from his entertainment-enhancing manacles. Adeki is promptly fortified with Foster’s and conscripted to the panel.


  1. Sorry, unless your BAC reaches 20%, you can’t pass as an Australian. The effects may take some time to wear off.

  2. There is good granola, just as there can be bad sausage. I’m just saying… Also, when I do eat granola it’s with milk, and I use a spoon.

    I’m only 18 minutes into the podcast so far, so I can only comment on granola, sausage, and add the thought that maybe, just maybe, SE pulls a Realm Reborn with FFXV – but pre-release this time?

  3. My granola is fine. It’s really good, in fact: with milk or in vanilla yoghurt. Then it is excellent. In fact, that is why I bought it.

    But I am meant to cut back on cholesterol and triglycerides and fats so no more yoghurt. I think a splash of milk will be necessary in future, else I will likely die not from heart attack, but from choking to death on heaping spoonfuls of dry granola.

  4. @Lusi: What do doctors know?! And dietitians, for that matter! Is my opinion colored by the fact that my wife works at a hospital, as a dietitian? Yes. That is why I know she is wrong. And i should eat whatever I like.

  5. I had three oatmeal cream (well, “creme”( pies and a couple of fig newtons for breakfast this morning. And she will never know!

  6. Any “creme” good is an abomination, whether it is an oatmeal creme pie, a twinkie, or even the humble Oreo. That ‘creme’ is just a bunch of chemical and bleaching. It comes out of a big machine! Disgusting. Your ‘fig newtons’ aren’t much better. HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED HAVING HALF A GRAPEFRUIT INSTEAD???

    Given that your wife is a dietitian, she should help me get my diet in order. There’s FAME in it! The fame of being personally thanked on the podcast by a newer, slimmer, happier Lusi–one capable of running round a track and then taking a one-handed catch on the boundary to take the last wicket and win the game. Probably.

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