Feature: Lusipurr.com Cricket Championships 2016

Answer: TWO afternoons at the Cricket! But the site championship is a single-day event. Sorry.
What could be more delightful than an afternoon at the Cricket?

It was an historic event, although no one knew it at the time. During Thanksgiving (real, not Canadian) of 2015, with unusually balmy weather making the Michigan November a delight rather than a misery, Lusipurr suggested to his gentlemen dinner guests a brief trip outside to have a knock around with a Cricket bat. In truth, he expected only a quarter of an hour’s diversion: the guests would see the stumps, wave the bat about, get bored, and desire to return inside. Indeed, Lusipurr did not even bother to change his clothes, taking up position in a weskit and cravat.

Two hours later Lusipurr and his guests were still outside playing Cricket, when bad light stopped play. Surprised by the enthusiasm his guests felt for the game, Lusipurr nevertheless seized the opportunity to make a top score of 23 runs, and was proclaimed champion. Little did he know that he had just inaugurated an annual tradition: the Lusipurr.com Cricket Championships.

Like Ian Bell and Joe Root, Lusipurr.com Cricket Champions are at the top of the field of Video Game and Anime and Cricket Journalism.
Lusipurr.com Cricket Champions join the ranks of the greatest to play the game.

With the date moved forward to coincide with the end of summer, and with the event expanded to include two teams captained by Lusipurr and his arch-nemesis Bup, the Lusipurr.com Cricket Cup is now the world’s premiere sporting event in Video Game Cricket Journalism. Each year, the teams face each other in a single day’s exhibition for the championship, with the winner achieving the coveted “Lusipurr.com Cricket Champion” title, and the right for each member of the winning team to select a topic for roundtable discussion on the Lusipurr.com podcast, The Starlight Megaphone.

This year’s event will take place on Sunday, 21 August. Pre-game is at 13:00, with the scheduled start of play at 14:00. Players will be alternately selected by the captains after the toss and prior to the start of play, with the toss-winning captain earning first selection. Scores will be posted to the Lusipurr.com website, along with the topics selected by the winning teams. And, if possible, scores will be broadcast online via our Twitter account. Periscope functionality will be used provided sufficient connexion availability.

Any potential players who are interested in participating are encouraged to DM Lusipurr on Twitter and ask for information about location and selection. In addition, locally-sourced pizza and pop will be available for the participants. No special equipment or training is necessary: loan equipment and pre-game instruction are available.

To all the participants, and most especially to Lusipurr, GOOD LUCK and may the Spirit of Cricket prevail!


  1. I am going to beat Bup absolutely completely and thoroughly. You have my word on it.

  2. Sounds great, have fun. There is a T20 match between India and West Indies happening near me at the end of the month, but tickets start at $75 (standing room only) and it’s 100 degress outside, so no. Cricket in Michigan sounds much nicer.

  3. India v. W. Indies in a T20 would be a helluva game, though. It’s a pity you can’t get proper seats, because otherwise it would definitely be worth it even at that price.

    The weather here tomorrow is set to be extremely clement, with sunny skies and a high of 24º centigrade. Warm but idyllic!

  4. There are proper seats on offer, but they are over a hundred dollars and I just can’t justify paying that much to suffer in the heat all day. The tickets might be sold out anyways. The last match at this stadium was in 2012, so I thought cricket was finished here, but now it may be the start of a comeback and I’ll have a future opportunity when finances and weather line up more nicely. It is a pleasant turn of events in any case, and I would not have an interest if it weren’t for the efforts of the internet’s foremost video games, anime, and cricket news site!

  5. Praise from around the web:

    “Most of the other video game/cricket/anime websites bore me. But Lusipurr.com is different. It doesn’t bore me as much!”

    “What the fuck is this?”

    “I love Lusipurr.com! Looking forward to the live HD broadcast stream of the cricket tournament, with commentary. I know you won’t disappoint me!”

    “Interfaith Ministries offers you a path to true enlightenment. Sign up for your free trial of our prove mind-control program today!”

  6. No livestream of Cricket commentary. Or video. Or pictures. WELP.



    Sebastian (for a single-innings high score of 25 NOT OUT)
    Lusipurr (for a 5-wicket haul and a combined innings high score of 31!)

  7. In accepting my award for high single-innings score, I offer this poignant and highly original statement:

    Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. I have played Cricket only once, and I found myself rising the occasion like a motherf—ing champion. I will only improve with more practice, and I plan on challenging Lusipurr again before too long. He has time before the baby comes, and I will make him play again. Or not. I don’t really have that power at all. In fact, I don’t have very much power. BUT ENOUGH. In all, a great day; a day long remembered.

    We sail to Havana, where the sun is warm – and so is the comradeship – Marko Ramius

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