TSM Episode 390: Konami Pachinko Survivors

Now the whole Metal Gear franchise is a Zombie. Noooo~~~
Sanke is sad. :(

Download: Released 2016.08.22

When Konami resurrects the Metal Gear franchise in an unholy, soulless, cash-in money-grab, SiliconNooB takes immediate exception and demands an exorcism, which Lusipurr duly provides.


  1. I’m sure TSM will surpass FancyCast by the end of the year; hopefully even by episode 400.

  2. @Matt you mean the podcast that has yet to post an episode in the month of August?? I agree.

  3. Looking forward to Knuckles & Knuckles coming in 2029! Any chance it has extra BLAST PROCESSING and LOCK-ON TECHNOLOGY?

  4. @DancingMatt: If we pass them on Episode 400, that would be PERFECT.

    @Sebastian: Has it really been that long? Gya ha ha!

    @Adeki: WE? WE? No, little lad. *I* am working on it. You get NO credit. NONE!

    @ST: Knuckles ‘n’ Knuckles (and Knuckles) does indeed utilise Blast Processing. It’s what makes the knuckles of Knuckles so potent!

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