Editorial: Picture Adequate

Cameras: no one really knows how to use them, but they can take really nice pictures of men and women together sinning in the eyes of God. Because of this, cameras are really cool, as are most objects and devices that can achieve this same result. This makes video games very cool because they can not only take these pictures under the right conditions, but they can also be played which makes them even cooler. So, this editorial will cover three video games that have camera functions in them.

His name? Adolf Rapidash, the third.
A single Rapidash stands alone.

First up, Pokemon Snap, released all the way back in March of 1999 on the Nintendo 64 making it just a couple days older than Baby Adeki. In Pokemon Snap, players are tasked by Professor Oak to take pictures of Pokemon in their native habitats by riding around in an on-rails cart. These pictures are then rated by the good Professor himself based upon pose, composition, and the amount of Pokemon included. The more points the better, so sometimes players have to redo stages in order to get more points, but it is all worth it for one reason. Back in ye olden days, players could actually take their cartridge to certain stores and insert it in a magical device that could then print the pictures the player took in-game! That is magical, but the fact that Nintendo refuses to give players a new game in the series despite the gamepad’s gyroscopic controls and countless amounts of demands is less magical.

Rotting corpses, worn out faces.
All around him are familiar faces…

Next, Dead Rising, released a little over ten years ago in August of 2006, is a zombie-killing action game where the protagonist, Frank West has to escape a zombie-filled mall. To do so, Frank has to utilize random weapons lying around like golf clubs and the occasional sword and put them to good use to save himself and others. He can also dress up like an adorable Servbot and kill zombies with the same amount of vigor, but the helmet definitely adds a layer of pizazz. However, what is way cooler is the fact that Frank can take pictures of the zombies either stumbling into each other or killing innocents and then gain experience to level up from them. So in a way, the game rewards the player for creating art and journaling a zombie outbreak, which is nothing because Frank has “covered wars you know.”

If only real life looked this captivating, sigh.
It is just too gosh darn pretty to dislike.

Lastly, Firewatch, yes it is a walking simulator, but it is a good walking simulator and it is pretty darn pretty as well. Not only reliant on funny jokes and the occasional penis or skinny-dipped woman, Firewatch also includes a real nifty art style that lends itself well to screenshots from players which creates a nice little community of people who just wanna share what they saw. Which makes the camera function in the game even better, because players can actually use the pictures they took in-game and then buy them online and have them delivered. Although, it appears this feature is still only for PC/Mac players, it is still pretty darn neat. While most of the pictures the player will take will most likely be atmospheric, there are a couple more savory pictures that can be taken. Whatever that means.

That is all folks! Three video games that have cameras in them to document some of the memories created within the game. If you like cameras or camera features within video games, make sure to leave a comment below! Or, if you do not like cameras and camera features within video games, still leave a comment. Basically, no matter what, leave a comment to let us know what you think!


  1. they can take really nice pictures of men and women together sinning in the eyes of God

    @Adeki do you mean to imply that it is only sinful when people of opposite genders are engaging in such acts?

    Also, what could be more hip in [CURRENT YEAR] than N64 ‘quality’ photos of anything with Pokemon in the name?? That idea is a GO.

  2. @Sebastian Don’t worry, sin is gender-neutral. Even if the two were the same gender they would be sinning in the eyes of God if they’re not married. Except for if they’re two dutch lesbians. Dutch lesbians for some reason are near immune to sin.

    As for N64 quality photos, maybe they’re not so cool, but putting in your own cartridge to print the photos *you* took? That’s pretty damn cool. Makes me feel like a photographer.

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