TSM Episode 391: Geopolitical Poetics in an Age of Cynicism

There once was a chancellor named Angela / Who looked more than a bit like a man-gela...
We must confront the cynicism of the age with a geopolitical poetics.

Download: Released 2016.08.29

Final Fantasy XV is renewed for another season (pass) despite the interestingness of its presentation, the origin of the Jellybean language is discussed in detail, the Cricket Championship winners are announced, and the sun begins to set on Camelot.


  1. No one has the appropriate geopolitcal poetics for this age of cynicism. :(

  2. Not only did the Cricket Championship take place in near-perfect weather, and with frequent, refreshing breaks with ice-cold beverages, but participants could urinate upon themselves whenever they wished! (This generally occurred when I was bowling, as I quickly learned to instill terror in the batter with my blinding speed and impressive control.)

  3. I like it when @Adeki is on the podcast. I’m learning about the Jelly Bean language.

  4. Nota bene: most of Seb’s overs consisted of wides. His accuracy improved, but the speed decreased, over time. He tends to bowl short.

    There is no Jelly Bean language.

  5. I have heard Adeki use it, so there must be a Jelly Bean language. Do you imply that a staff member of your would be guilty of a falsehood?

  6. @Lusi Yes, my velocity went down as we played, since I was focused on learning accuracy. The next time you encounter my bowling, I will have practiced at home first. And may the Lord have mercy on your soul.

  7. I love when Adeki goes all Alex Jones. Ghostbusters was an inside job. lol. Just gargle whiskey before you start with your theories and I’ll be super happy. Juts tie it all into aliens and 9/11 or something and I’m sure your podcast ratings will triple.

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