TSM Episode 393: Twilight over Camelot

Camelot stands upon the brink of ruin.
The long, dark winter of the round table is at hand.

Download: Released 2016.09.12

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Adeki report on the latest anime partnerships and hardware news about virtual reality, the PS4 Pro, and the CouragePhone 7, whilst twilight falls on Camelot, heralding a winter of discontent for Arthur, Lancelot, and Guenevere.


  1. As we approach the end of the reading in next week’s podcast, we hope you will take the time to think over the past ten months and reflect on what moved you or what was most memorable in the book. We will read some of the best comments after next week’s conclusion.

  2. I get a lot of pleasure from hearing of VR’s failure. We are in the early days of the inevitable fade, and it will probably take another year before the manufacturers give up on it.

    It’s so obvious, but consumers are supposed to be dolts.

    Remember when everyone was going to be wearing special glasses to watch 3D on every TV in every home?? Yeah, that was bullshit. No one wanted to wear the fucking glasses, and if you had the active ones it was even worse, as they need to be charged and they are expensive to add more pairs.

    3D was so obviously shortsighted, but it accomplished something: get people to buy a new TV. (Don’t worry, we have HDR for that now.)

  3. Outside of a few hundred enthusiasts, the VR hardware requirements (and insane pseudo-solutions like backpack PCs) alone will keep people from adopting it. And even if it was as cheap as the original Nintendo Wii, there would still be closets full of that crap just as every family has the junk from their temporary Wii obsession in storage somewhere.

    And yes, @Lusipurr, I know the Wii can be easily hacked and therefore useful, but the average people of whom I speak don’t know what “homebrew” is, and would know “hacking” if it hit them in the face.

    To the average folks out there, Wii Sports was a fun diversion until they got sick of it. Kids play games on their phones now, and consoles are for enthusiasts. The casuals have won. The smartphone is the most popular “gaming” system in the world, and no one seems to be interested in being challenged. Bring on the mindless repetition, and please don’t forget the micro-transactions!

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