TSM Episode 394: Le Morte Darthur

'Sometimes, innocence is not enough.'
Mordred, Son of Arthur

Download: Released 2016.09.19

As the story of Arthur and Camelot draws to an end, and a new beginning, Lusipurr and SiliconNooB turn away from excellent narratives and focus instead on the notably lamentable work found in World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XV, and Servamp.


  1. Your description of the the rise and fall of Blizzard and Square are pretty accurate. Glad you’re capable of analysis and not just a hype man for big corporations like other gaming outlets.

  2. @Kisaki: There are enough PR shills out there. We try to deliver something a bit more incisive! And also Cricket news.

  3. Also. I did not really like the Once & Future King but I respected it. I feel better for having listened to it. It certainly has its moments. The “innocence is not enough” insight is brilliant. Also the ending is very well done.

  4. “Advising Heaven to Earth was useless.” I hope I never forget this line. I loved this reading. Much like Interview With the Vampire, I was very uninterested coming in and listened just because it was on the show. But man. What a yarn. And what a place to end. Agonizing.

    The series of questions Arthur asks himself at the end there are likely the questions we all ask ourselves when we’re along with our thoughts. Or when we try to make sense of what we see on the news. I know it plagues me in moments of silence, which is part of why I make every effort to avoid those silences.

    Original sin is always something I dismissed as religious nonsense. I’m an agnostic sort. Like to believe there’s more to it but also believe attempting to define it is foolish. But the older I’ve gotten the more I can understand why such a concept would hold truth. But now I’m prattling on.

    Thank you for the read. And hey, thanks for the WoW history lesson. I have never been a Blizzard person so it was interesting to me to know a bit of what they were like before they became the WoW company.

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