Editorial: Potato-Based Representation in Gaming

Sometimes editorialists may cover broad topics in gaming, such as food, but here at Lusipurr editorialists go the extra mile and examine specific foods within gaming. So, this editorial will zero in on three video games that properly display one of the most amazing root vegetables of all time, the humble potato. Now, the average reader that passes by this editorial may believe this to be the work of an idiot, it is. However, it is the work of an idiot that knows a hell of a lot about potatoes, which is why all those who see should read, so it is written, so it may be.

And to think of all the possible additions to the potato! Oh, God, the choices!
The texture of the potato makes it look more appetizing than actual food, what a marvel.

First up, Cook, Serve, Delicious! released in 2013 and available on PC/Mac/Linux successfully displays the potato as an elegant and savory entree. In the game, players can choose a menu with a limited amount of foods they can prepare and serve in the restaurant for any given day, so why not choose something as delicious as a baked potato? Well, it turns out baked potatoes are not as easy as they seem to be. Cook, Serve, Delicious! does not coddle the player in any way, rather it decides the challenger to player to seem if they really want to prepare certain dishes. The new-coming rookie can not merely mosey into the game and prepare a meaty deluxe potato on their first try, while simultaneously managing several others at the same, it is simply unheard of. However, with hours if not years of practice, one day the most aspiring sous chef could prepare a fully loaded potato with ease in the midst of a stressful kitchen environment.

But can Potatoman truly find himself if he can not find the Troof?
Potatoman is able find himself within a crowd of like-potatoed individuals.

Next up, Buddha sought enlightenment, Columbus sought new land to find beautiful dark-skinned women, and Potatoman Seeks the Troof. An admittedly overpriced indie platformer on Steam, the game stars the titular character of Potatoman as he seeks something known as the Troof. What the Troof actually is does not matter whatsoever, as this editorial is focused on potatoes in video games, not some silly made-up word that could be zen itself. No, instead gamers must look at Potatoman Seeks the Troof and recognize the fact that potatoes are not merely vegetables for our amusement. Some potatoes can sprout limbs, jump around and talk to others in order to find what they hold must dearly. Some games are not just games, but instead statements on the nature of man himself, or in this case, potatoes. Potatoman is able to do all of these things on his quest to seek the mysterious Troof, jumping over cars and falling boulders, Potatoman knows almost no boundaries, a truly respectable potato hero.

The nicks and bruises show character, not weakness.
Such an exquisite specimen of a potato.

In conclusion, Portal 2 offered what was easily the best potato representation in gaming thus far back in 2011 with the inclusion of GLaDOS as a potato battery. No longer is the potato the butt of jokes when it comes to video games as gamers now understand what they are truly capable of. No, the potato is shown as being strong enough to power the vast strength and power of GLaDos without so much as a scratch. While birds did attack the potato unjustly similar to how birds pecked away at the great Prometheus for showing fire to humans, the potato withholding such sophisticated artificial intelligence remained still under pressure. Until Portal 3 potentially releases, Portal 2 might just be the peak for potato representation in gaming for all time, congratulations are in order.

That is it for this editorial, just a simple little piece about some taters. If you like or dislike potatoes make sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Or, if you have suggestions for future editorials (thankfully some have already been submitted to prevent my idiocy), leave those in the comments instead!


  1. Why do you work Cook, Serve, Delicious into every single editorial that you write?

  2. How many games do you know that star potatoes? I have so little in this world, and it’s only been in like 3 editorials at this point maybe.

  3. Well done, Adeki! They said it couldn’t be done (or maybe I said it? can’t remember) but IT WAS DONE. And it was good. Almost as good as a piping hot baked potato made just the way I like it. Damn, I really want a baked potato now…

    Also, Columbus wasn’t really just after luscious chocolate-brown women, he was after Troof.

  4. Future editorial: games starring bugs. One day I would like to realize my idea of a Genesis-styled platformer starring two cockroaches with attitudes named Boomer & Scooter, and I’d like to compare and contrast what else is out there.

  5. Matt, that sounds similar to my idea for the post-apocalyptic cockroach-centric RTS Boom & Scatter.

  6. YEA! Potatoes need representation too! *Eats bag of Potato Chips*

  7. “Games starring bugs” jfc what is this? What is even happening?

  8. Add a team-of-cockroaches shooter called Boot It & Scoot It for a Humble Bug Bundle.

  9. @Sebastian: In a way, we’re ALL looking for the Troof.


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