TSM Episode 395: Wii Poo and New Two Three Dee Ess

Shipped. Not sold. Shipped. There are stockrooms full of the things in Europe. They can't even give them away.
Now up to THIRTEEN (13!) million units (shipped).

Download: Released 2016.09.26

Lusipurr and Imitanis round out the end of the county championship and the most important video game news of the week before beginning an in-depth look back at the best software so far on Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS console.


  1. This was a great discussion. I have to say that I pretty much agree with every choice. Super Mario 3D World is a treat.

  2. A very enjoyable listen. Focused, if a bit one-sided conversation and pretty much all consumer-oriented gaming discussion. Been a while since we’ve seen one like this. Also, nice new seasonal opening music and lovely poem at the end. Made me long for shores in winter time here.

  3. @Wolfe: Imitanis tends to be on sleepy-time by the time we get him on the podcast. I really wanted Adeki here for this episode (he’s the biggest Nintendo enthusiast on staff), but he was unavailable for the day.

    Next week we’ll be covering the Xbone, so that should be interesting.

  4. I just went to my local proprietor of fine books and they did not carry any John Masefield. It was nice to hear sea-poetry for a change.

    I love my 3DS and WiiU, and would like to posit Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth and Shin Megami Tensei IV as fantastic, if marginally below “must-own” 3DS titles, and Splatoon as a WiiU-defining experience – even moreso (for me, anyways) than Mario, Smash, and Kart – with the caveat that it will not be a viable game indefinitely. I think the 3DS can go down as a classic in gaming history at this point, while the WiiU may be a fondly-remembered footnote for a few very great games and a few more very good games. All-considered, what has likely been the penultimate generation of Nintendo hardware has also been some of the most fun I have had in gaming since “back in the good old days.”

  5. Not if you don’t enjoy Halo.

    The impression that I was getting is that there was a good portion of Halo fans who didn’t much like it either.

    @Dancing Matt: For a system that has sold as well as the 3DS, I am genuinely surprised at how few games there are that I want to play on it. The GBA and DS were way better handhelds IMO.

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