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It has finally happened. Even the strongest among us can only resist for so long, and it is with a heavy heart that I introduce myself,’s newest staff member, to our dear readers. I was once just like you; reading, commenting, making fun of Adeki. But no more.*

While I have been a longtime reader of this fine website (frequently commenting under the alias “Sebastian”), I do not expect too many readers to have heard of me – unless they are familiar with The Sebastian Literary Sanctuary? This wildly popular segment on The Starlight Megaphone (check your local listings) has been a staple of the podcast since the very beginning**, and I still remember (and take credit for) its probable inception. “Lusi,” I might have said, lifting my mug and peering skeptically at the swirling contents within, “I think you should read literature on your internet radio programme.” And so it was done (as with most of the things I imagine whilst sleeping).

I assume that my background with video games is a little different than most, as there was not a console in the house until I purchased it myself, late in my teens. It was a Nintendo 64, not quite at the end of its life in 1999, and I spent the night playing the pack-in game (Star Wars Episode 1: Racer). I was hooked, and couldn’t wait for the following Friday (and my next paycheck) so that I could buy more games. The question of which game to select (a vital decision when a week’s check covered the $59.99 cost of a new N64 game, and little else) led me to the internet. (More on this development a bit later.)

While first a Nintendo console owner, it was the Final Fantasy franchise on the original PlayStation that captivated me, after my next system purchase and a copy of Final Fantasy VII. I was mesmerized by the painted backgrounds, the music, the story, and the incredible battle system. In a way, it was unfortunate that I played VII first, as I have been searching for a game to rival it ever since. But this journey led to a fascination with the JRPG genre in general, and it even led to my own discovery of anime (of which Steins;Gate is my favorite thus far). I am grateful.

I suppose it was inevitable that one day I would take my interest in video games, a passing familiarity with writing in English, and an internet connection, and do that thing that combines all of those other things (which is to say, this thing that I am doing now). But what might this suspiciously unqualified writer of English discuss in a weekly editorial? What right have I to force my opinions upon an unsuspecting audience? All of the above. Checkmate.

*Who am I kidding? Though I now take his place as junior staff member.
**Well, very nearly the beginning (of this summer).


  1. Sebastiannnnnnn!!!!!

    Welcome to the site. Now, give me my sanctuary back.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS (Read that like 10 more times, then imagine a large penguin saying it)!!!

  3. Good to see you on the staff, Sebastian. Look forward to seeing what you bring to the site. I know it’ll be great :)

  4. Sebastian, your portrait is freaking CLASSIC facial goodness. I mean, isn’t that EXACTLY the default expression that Lusipurr has?

  5. @Imitanis You will never take my Sanctuary. Your mere ‘corner’ has been vacated, and is now only home to spiders (and sadness).

    @Adeki Thank you!! To you, and to your imaginary penguin friend!

    @Wolfe Thanks! If your expectations are low enough, you will probably be pleased with my output.

    @Zoltan After first pretending to smile, I just let my true feelings about working here show. The photo illustrates my confusion, anger, and sorrow.

  6. Will be be calling him Sebby like the mom from Stardew Valley?

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