TSM Episode 396: Xbox None

Only rarely seen in the wild, the Xbox One is a candidate for addition to the Endangered Species registry.
The Microsoft XBox One, here pictured in a controlled setting.

Download: Released 2016.10.03

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB mourn the passing of Max Walker, survey the most important news stories of the week, and then settle into an in-depth examination of the Microsoft Xbox One since its launch in November, 2013.


  1. I was kinda saying Halo 5 was the only must have game in jest. I know it’s not a must have but it’s really all Xbox fans have. That and Gears of War. It’s a pretty sad situation.

  2. I hated those commercials where people were talking to the Xbone, like “Hey Xbox, play me a movie. Xbox, order me a pizza. Xbox, did you do this on the floor? Goodnight Xbox, I love you.” They should have packaged the Kinect inside a Teddy Ruxpin. Voice activated technology is just the most embarassing thing.

  3. I have never owned an XBox One, and I never owned an XBox 360. I have a first-generation XBox, purchased second-hand to mess about with (emulation has always been a hobby), but I own no games for it. I have very strong feelings for Microsoft, and most of these are not very nice. OK, none of them are nice.

  4. I’m going to slightly defend Xbone here. Only slightly. Sunset Overdrive is a decent exclusive as is Raiden V (if you like shmups.) But it seems like they are checking out. Halo used to be a fun split-screen with comic book silly story. Now its just sci fi wannabe garbage man robot love story trash. Nobody likes it or understands it unless they’ve read the 500 crappy books. 5 sold like 1/3 or 1/4 of what the others did for a reason. No split screen and not a fun plot. 343i is too arrogant to fix what they’ve done. Look what’s happened when you hire fanboys instead of actual developers. As someone who played a lot of LAN Halo in HS and college its infuriating. They people that made the original Xbox did seem to care and they used to monenyhat some good exclusives. Now it’s its just the most soulless corporate parody of a games company one could imagine. I can’t recommend buying one and I regret having done so. Even if it was cheap and used.

  5. @Zoltan: Thanks!

    @LegendaryApple: Let us remember that at Lusipurr.com, nothing said in jest can be allowed to pass by without being misused for EVIL.

    @Dancing Matt: Yes, it is. And that’s sad, because no one on Star Trek feels bad about saying, “Computer, lights.” or “Computer, what is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?” I’m trying to break the attitude by asking Siri things whenever I have a question like, “Hey Siri, who is Ko-bee Bry-ant?”

    @Sebastian: I was going to say something nice about Microsoft but there isn’t anything.

    @Kisaki: They’re really not a games company at all now: they’re a computer-oriented company, and Scorpio will be in that direction. It’ll be a SteamBox, only with Windows and better-supported. Probably a good thing, really. And if they do it well, I’ll be happy to congratulate them.

    Before Scorpio it was looking like they might go the opposite direction, away from games to some sort of media box that plays movies and serves up music. Luckily they seem to have stepped back from that precipice (most TVs have those features in-built now, so who needs them on a gamebox?).

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